EP Review: Echo 2 Locate 'The Calling'

From Maryland, alternative rock band, Echo 2 Locate is an alternative rock band from Maryland and their debut EP: Calling Out is an utter sensation! The band is rocking and ready to level up the energy from beginning to end.

Echo 2 Locates self-titled EP opens with their track, “Calling Out.” Immediately, it is an anthem as the drum work notably solidifies this band right out the gate.

Their next song, “Faster” is almost unexpected. Unlike its title, the song is defined more like a pleasing mild structured song. Rhiannon Neagle’s vocals and Clarke Hildreth’s guitar work as an infusion. Coming up and back into the roll through Echo 2 Locate brings their third track, “Everything From Nothing” up and the sense of reflection spoken sparks this alt bands measure.

This EP, The Calling, has to be one of the tightest produced pieces to come out recently. The level of professional musicianship and attention to detail are well defined. A band that must be paid attention to and certainly will be discovered for their talents the team of Neagle, Hildreth, Servary, and Pritchett is a band that gives their music all of themselves. How often can a reviewer honestly say...? All the tracks are proven and deserve your attention.

Surely Echo 2 Locate is on the brink of becoming a well-known household name. Their alternative rock sound shows they have a wealth of talent and we can't wait to hear what is next!

Five out of Five BANGS!

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