Review: Roaring Truth Self-Titled EP

By: Carox Rox
On  February 12, 2019, Dallas, TX heavy metal band ROARING TRUTH released the official music video for their single, "Homesick," off of their debut, self-titled EP.  Click the link to get a flavor of this band.
There are six songs on the new EP. Black Box a very dark melody, with lyrics that touch universally – the lyrics to all of these songs are all relevant and very meaningful. Homesick has a haunting guitar intro and heartbeat drum rhythm, with the fantastic, classic rock metal vocal sound that will grab your attention. Great lead and bass guitar riffs will make you ask, “who are those guys?” and feel curious enough to look up the band members hastily. Flying Above it All begins with almost an acoustic sound – a slow ballad showing the diversity of frontman James Jones’s vocal style which is both metal and rock which beautifully comes together on Homesick, the second track. It’s not surprising that both Homesick, as well as their follow-up single Rebel? have received radio airplay in Dallas/Ft. Worth on both KNON 89.3 and The Eagle 97.1, these tunes are well put together, well produced and radio worthy. Remembered Today launches again with that faultless lead guitar followed by the heavier riffs of Rebel? Do As I Say completes the EP with its striking metal sound and fast beat. This EP makes you want to go out and see the band play, which is what a good EP is meant to do.  Kudos to this faith-based band consisting of members - James Jones - Vocals, Marty Hill - Guitars, Dillon Moses - Guitars, Jordan Greer- Bass, with James Michael McLester on drums.