Review: She Made Me Do It – EP - Drenched

by: Carox Rox

She Made Me Do It are a London two-piece New Wave Electronica
style band made up of Shaheena Dax (Rachel Stamp) on vocals and
keyboards with Will Crewdson (Rachel Stamp/Scant Regard/Adam
Ant/Bow Wow Wow/Flesh For Lulu/Johnette Napolitano/The
Selecter) on guitars and keyboard. They are currently
playing gigs around the UK so any European fans, go hit them up.

“'Bones' is a song about intense sexual attraction, obsession and delusion. I imagined a dark story set at 4am on a foggy London night outside a creepy dive bar.” - Shaheena Dax (Vocals and Bass)

This EP is a great mix of pop, punk, and electro. The beautiful Shaheena Dax (Rachel Stamp) has an epic young and pure voice that effortlessly combines an early punk late 70’s sound with the breezy new wave and pop of 80’s which you can hear in Bones, the first track of the
EP. It is quite 
amazing that this is an EP from a duo, but check out Will Crewdson’s guitar work on this track and in fact, check out Will Crewdson’s musical bio too! Broken Morning is more nostalgic (and extremely catchy) – but with great lyrics just like Bones

Ashes is full of new wave synth, keyboard and drum sound effects
with a rippling guitar in the mix. The gentler Time, rounds off the
EP, with some gorgeous melancholy keyboard and again those
lovely vocals.

For more info on this band check out and support their band camp at She Made Me Do it Bandcamp! Great stuff!