Interview with Donny Polinske "The Drp"

Luke Stellar: Talk about how music has influenced you individually in your daily living.

Donny "The DRP" Polinske: Music has always been a part of me. I live and breath music.  Every single day I base decisions on my life around my shows, studio time, writing, etc.  Music is a part of my family. 

LS: Where do you each find yourself listening to music most often?

Donny "The DRP" Polinske: In the car, at the gym. Cleaning my house.  If there is a time to listen to music or play music, I am doing it!

LS: What are your favorite brands to use when it comes to the instruments, mics, amps, pedals and so on? Why do you favor them?

Donny "The DRP" Polinske: Since I am primarily a vocalist who occasionally plays guitar and drums, I would have to say for live shows nothing will ever beat the Shure SM 58. Ever!

LS: Talk about your current project, "HeroWin", Its conception. How it evolved. The storyline behind its development or any anecdotes that may have occurred during the writing/recording process?

Donny "The DRP" Polinske: As many people know I was pulling double duty in the band Primer 55 as the vocalist after J-Sin left the band and when I wasn’t touring with them I had my own tours set up for my solo hip hop stuff under my stage name, The DRP.  It was a lot of travel and eventually, I succumbed to drugs and abused them bad.  I fell apart, nearly died, overdosed and pretty much lost my career.  When I got help and checked myself into rehab I told myself I was done with music. But music wasn’t done with me.  As I slowly healed I began to realize I need music back in my life.  On a somber day, I started writing the riffs that eventually became the opening riffs to the song.  I brought it to the studio and my writing partner and studio guy, Kyle Krukowski, put some drums to it and a bass line and we wrote the piano parts.  Before we knew it, we had a song structure and I brought in my Dj, DJ Shemp to cut the pre -chorus section and then we brought in a much better guitarist, Timmy Capitinoff to do leads.  And we had our song!

LS: Where there any conflicts during the recording process? If so, how did you overcome them, if not what do you think is The DRP's formula gels so well?

Donny "The DRP" Polinske: I have good people all around me that let me create my vision and add parts to the songs when I need help.  I am so glad I have these great musicians around me that will let me do my thing and come in and help write with me when the time calls for it.

LS: Is there a particular part you enjoy more than another in the process of a project?

Donny "The DRP" Polinske: I love the initial writing of a song. From the concept to laying down preproduction. After that, you listen to the song so many times in the mix that sometimes it gets monotonous.  But then the end product is fun to listen to again!

LS: How do you know when a song is done and ready to be taken to the recording studio and produced?

Donny "The DRP" Polinske: I usually come to the studio with my ideas and we lay them down.  Some continue to be built and others just sit in the hard drive and never become anything.

LS: Looking towards the short and long term of where you might be currently- where do you see yourself as an artist/band in 2019 and beyond?

Donny "The DRP" Polinske: Continuing to mature as an artist. Still having fun. Smiling, laughing and causing a RUCKUS in the music scene!

LS: A final piece of advice you would like to impart.

Donny "The DRP" Polinske: Never give up on yourself and your dreams. I was told after I got clean to give up music.  I stand here today with a successful label, Force 5 Records and I have partnered with Suburban Noize Records and SRH Productions on some killer music coming up. I will continue to prove people wrong. I won’t quit. Neither should anyone else.