Interview with Lead Vocalist Jennifer Benson of Ignescent

When powerful vocals and strong musicianship meet something dynamic ignites a spark to create unforgettable music. Jennifer Benson lead vocalist from the band Ignescent recently spoke with us at BANGS! This band out of the beat of Chicago certainly has all the fire and more to be heard around the world. Their music video "Into the Night" showcases all their talents and more.

Rachel Collins: Describe the sound of Ignescent. 
Jennifer Benson: Ignescent's sound is hard rock.

RC: What instrument does each band member play? Any endorsements and if so who?
Jennifer Benson: Myself, Jennifer Benson, is on lead vocals, Joey Sepulveda is on rhythm guitar, Dev Elion is on lead guitar, and Chris Calix is on drums.

RC: Who are the original band members?
Jennifer Benson: I am the only original band member and started the band.
RC: This past year found some major changes for the band didn't it? 
Jennifer Benson: Yes we got the opportunity to work with the producer, Cameron Mizell. He's worked with many bands including Memphis May Fire and Sleeping With Sirens. We also had the opportunity to play with John Cooper of Skillet's new band called Fight The Fury at a few shows.

RC: As a band how have you all found the balance between work, writing/recording and performing?
Jennifer Benson: Yes. A lot of times we come up with ideas on our own time for new songs or message each other ideas and then work on them when we rehearse on Wednesday nights. We tend to put our new songs into our show sets right away because we are excited to share our new songs with our fans.
RC: Do you have a favorite recording studio to use?
Jennifer Benson: Yes. Well, we are fortunate that Cameron Mizell brought all his studio equipment to us at a location in Chicago. We definitely loved working with him. He's an amazing producer.
RC: What band have you played with has been your biggest moment of, “OH Wow we are sharing the stage with…”
Jennifer Benson: That would definitely be Fight The Fury, Flyleaf, and Lacey Sturm. I am a huge fan of all of them and was blown away that we were able to play with them. Love their music and they are so humble too.
RC: Is there a band you get compared to often? If so, is that necessarily a bad thing? How do you look at it?
Jennifer Benson: We get compared to Evanescence and Flyleaf a lot. No, it's not a bad thing at all. We take it as a huge compliment.

RC: Some music is for the sake of creating a storm by notes and no clarity of words. Ignescent seems to bring meaning into what it produces. Talk about your message.
Jennifer Benson: Ignescent's purpose is to encourage people in their struggles and to give hope. We want to encourage others and help them know they are loved by us and loved by God. That is the whole purpose of our band. 

RC: Talk to us about this single, “Into the Night”.
Jennifer Benson: This song is about being changed and God wrapping His arms around us and loving us no matter where we are in life and no matter what we've done. 

RC: Who all did you work with on developing the single "Into the Night" and what did you learn that you may or may not apply in the future?
Jennifer Benson: We wrote the song ourselves as a band but then brought it to producer - Cameron Mizell. In our original version, Cameron pointed out there were too many lyrics so I had to cut those down. It's definitely something that has helped me with writing future songs and realizing I don't need to be so wordy to get the point across.

RC: Will there be a video to go with the song?
Jennifer Benson: Yes. We are planning to shoot a music video for this in August. Right now there is a streaming video and lyric video for it out. 
RC: What is coming next and where can we find you playing?
Jennifer Benson: We are playing with Stitched Up Heart and Kaleido on May 20th at The Forge, at Rock Fest, Lifest, and Shinefest this summer. You can stay up to date with our show dates at and on our Instagram page @ignescentmusic.