EP Review: Carpathia New EP 1912

If this is an accumulation of what three years can produce then fans of Carpathia are in for quite a treat. There is a quintessential string of elements that seemingly tie this EP from press photo to song titles, to the alt progressive metal rock sound Carpathia expound upon. Without a doubt, this could possibly be a piece of true music art from beginning to end and could be totally lost on the untrained music listener. 

The subtly notable nuances of what Carpathia has created for us in 1912 begs the music savant to pay close attention to the nth degree. Multiple components explode as this EPs first single release "Sacrifice" opens the ships hull and leads us to want more. 

Each track title takes us on a ride in some point throughout history focusing the proclamation though around the album titles name 1912. The song "Verdun" comes from the longest battle fought in World War I in France of 1916. Could the next song "Raising Arrows" be a play on words as to raising the next generation to fight the good fight? Perhaps. 

The song "Sacrifice" certainly lends itself to its own definition and is an incredible track that musically fits its own title and lyrical content. Finally, the last song on this EP is "Molon Labe" a classical Greek phrase meaning “come and take [them],” attributed to King Leonidas of Sparta as a defiant response to the demand that his soldiers lay down their weapons. Props to Sparta and their king most assuredly for if the threaded legion of ties ins is on purpose or accident here in 
Carpathia's new EP 1912 the listeners are in for a full-on music experience from beginning to end. 


Unknown said…
Phenomenal writing and well-researched work! This is the review of a trained, professional reporter. Well done.