Interview with Austin Durry of Coyote Kid

BANGS!: Talk about how music has influenced you each individually in your daily living.

Austin Durry: I can only speak for myself (Durry), but for me, music has become my preferred
method for storytelling. Growing up I wanted to make comic books but found
myself more naturally adept at music than art or writing. Music has just always
been a fundamental part of my life.

BANGS!: Where do you each find yourselves listening to music most often?

Austin Durry: On tour. Hands down. We spend endless hours in the van and there is always a jam

BANGS!: What are your favorite brands to use when it comes to the instruments, mics, amps,
pedals and so on? Why do you favor them?

Austin Durry: I recently got a Quilter amp and it’s been amazing. I’ve always struggled with
keeping my tube amps functioning on the road but didn’t want to sacrifice the tone
tube amps provide. But the Quilter is the best of both worlds and travels well. It’s a
real lifesaver for life on the road.

BANGS!: Talk about your current project. Its conception. How it evolved. The storyline
behind its development or any anecdotes that may have occurred during the
writing/recording process? 

Austin Durry: Woof, really opening pandora’s box here. Femme Fatale is the first single of our
upcoming record “The Skeleton Man”. We write large scale story albums, so each
song is like a chapter in an overarching story that spans across the album. Femme
Fatale introduces us to two of the main characters and their conflict. The story is
set in a post-apocalyptic western wasteland that’s plagued by a cannibalistic virus.
This song is the Coyote Kid and the Medicine Crow, fighting about their history
together, as the Medicine Crow attempts to find a cure to the virus by capturing
and experimenting on helpless victims, while the Coyote Kid struggles with if he
should stop her or if the evil is worth the greater good.

BANGS!: Were there any conflicts during the recording process? 

Austin Durry: We are always clashing. But I think there’s a lot of value in that. I want people to
push back on my ideas until we sharpen them to be better. Always working to
make the absolute best for what the music needs. We usually just fight about it
until we come to a conclusion, and I think that’s what breeds the best art honestly.

BANGS!: Is there a particular part you enjoy more than another in the process of a project?

Austin Durry: My favorite part is right near the end of the recording, when we ad in all of these weird
little easter eggs into the album. We like to have all kinds of goodies for our
listeners to discover the more they listen. Our last album was all about this
apocalyptic forest fire, so we added a clip from a Smokey Bear PSA into the mix.
It’s super subtle, but it might be my favorite part of the album. We want to reward
people for really paying close attention. 

BANGS!: How do you know when a song is done and ready to be taken to the recording
studio and produced?

Austin Durry: Oh, I never really know. When I feel good about it we usually take it to the studio and massage out the final details when we’re there.

BANGS!: Looking towards the short and long term of where you might be currently- where
do you see yourself (yourselves) as an artist/band in 2019 and beyond?

Austin Durry: We just wrapped up a Kickstarter for our new album, and we were just blown
away at the incredible response from our fans. Right now we’re in production
mode. Just trying to make this record the absolute best it could possibly be. We’ll
release it later this year, and we’re hoping for the best! Just trying to get the name
out and get our music in front of as many people as possible.
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