Interview with Young Others

With Guest Writer: Lori Rade

Between The Few 

 4 Track EP Out August 16th, 2019

Lori Rade: How did you all meet?

Dale: Brandon and I were childhood friends and we grew up together. During our high school years, we drifted apart and started our own projects but shortly after graduation, we ended up reconnecting and decided to make to a new sound. We later found both Devin and Kyle from two separate bands who we ended up playing with. They had a strong interest in the music and Brandon ended upbringing Kyle into the band, and after three attempts of me reaching out to Devin saying we needed a bassist, he finally decided to give it a go and the rest fell into place.

Brandon: Funny story, Dale and I were actually childhood friends. We grew apart after I had moved away when I was about 11 or 12 maybe. Years later we were both playing in separate bands and had played the same show. Dale recognized me and talked to me without missing a beat, but I had no clue who Dale was. When we were young he had a shaved head, and a MUCH higher-pitched voice hahaha. A year or two later he offered to help me move into my apartment, and a mutual friend was also there and that's when I had made the connection. Within that year we started working together into what would become Young Other!
We had met Devin at a show we played with the original lineup we had, and when it came time to rekindle everything Dale reached out and got Devin to come in on bass!
During the time period, Young Other had gone onto hiatus I played in another band for a while, with Kyle drumming. Through that band, Kyle and I had developed a friendship, and It was initially when Kyle had heard the old Young Other tracks and he offered to come to play drums for us, that we decided to get everything moving again.

Devin: I met Dale, Brandon and the old Young Other lineup playing a show with them at the Carousel Lounge ins Salisbury, MA. It was a cool little venue by the beachfront near the center of town. I remember chatting with Dale a good portion of the night and eventually, we snapped an old school Polaroid picture of us all that he still has to this day! After that venue, a few months went by and Dale reached out to me, the first two times I was pretty busy but time number three the stars had aligned and I decided to join the band. I'm singled I joined as well, it's been an incredible journey ever since. I guess the third time really is the charm!

Lori Rade: Was there another name the band used prior to Young Other? Any music released under the prior band name?

Dale: There was never another band name for Young Other that any of the band members have previously worked on together. Under Brandon and I’s old line up from 2016 we did release a DIY recording of an EP, “Luminous Element”, with seven tracks on it that is still available on Spotify and Apple Music.

Brandon: Although I’ve been in quite a few projects, this band has only the one name!

Devin: That is a negative ghost rider! Young Other has always been labeled as such. Although there was one previous line up before the current one it's always been YO!

Lori Rade: What is your local scene like? Do the bands support each other?

Dale: The local scene in New England is heavily filled with Metal and Hardcore bands. There are very few Rock and Hard Rock acts out in our area, but the local scene community up here is very supportive of each other no matter what the genre of their friend’s band maybe. We’re all a family

Brandon: I would say for the most part that bands support each other, although in our immediate area Rock and Hard Rock bands aren’t quite as prevalent as heavier bands. Nonetheless, bands, artists, and fans are all quite supportive in our scene. 

Devin: Our local scene is absolutely incredible! It's kinda like one big music family in a way and every show we play with our fellow bands feels like a family reunion! It's so nice to have that type of positive and supportive atmosphere, I feel like it makes for a more enjoyable and friendly scene both from a fan and band member's perspective.

Lori Rade: Can you define your sound on this single, is it the sound we can expect from the rest of the music to come?

Dale: "Between The Few" is I’d say the middle ground of Young Other. It’s an instrumentally hard-hitting and lyrically emotional base that fits the mold of what we are. On the upcoming EP that releases August 16th, 2019, we have Pop Rock song that features the vocalist Lexie Hannah from the band Frantic Endeavor, one track that dips a small amount into the progressive side of things, and another track that’s hard-hitting and energetic, it seems to be a crowd favorite from the times we’ve played it live so far!

Brandon: For “Between The Few”, the sound is something along the lines of a Shinedown and Alice In Chains love child. The EP is very diverse, there’s a little bit of something for everyone in there, although the core “Young Other” sound is in each track, they all have a different flare to them. 

Devin: The sound on this single has a hard-hitting, dark and emotional kinda vibe. It was written when we were all going through a hard time and we poured our hearts and souls into it. I think that's what created the tone it has, that raw emotion! I'd say the rest of the music, even though they all have different themes, emotions, and overall feel they each still have that signature Young Other sound. That being said were not afraid to play around with different styles as well!

Lori Rade: Story behind “Between the Few”.

Dale: “Between The Few” resembles the fight between things that are good and bad, the light and dark, happiness and depression, it portrays a message about being torn by decisions in life. For me, “Between The Few” highlights my struggle with being guilted and looked down upon by family and friends for not abiding by the “normal life” standards and my dreams of being a musician. Both lifestyles conflict with each other and there are so many sacrifices you must make if you want to be a musician. Things like a relationship, social life, homestead values, and time management are things that make it harder to put everything you are into achieving your dream. Being in the music industry, things can change drastically and you have to be ready for it at all times. You may be given a good show opportunity, or have to take an important phone call, or rehearsal schedules changing last minute, these are all things that have to be acted upon quickly and clash with the values of living the “normal life” where everything is planned. The song is about being stuck in the middle of these lifestyles and choices and feeling like I’m never making advances in either. 

Brandon: This was the first song we wrote as the new line up. We were setting up at one of the first few practices we had together, and I had just started playing the verse riff. In the moment I was pretty much just sliding my finger up and down one string while getting my levels adjusted to the drums, while I did that Kyle started playing a little beat. Dale belted out some of the lyrics from the verse and it came to us organically. We spoke about the theme of the lyrics we had, and in the moment Dale had called it “In The Middle” but between him and Kyle they came to the term Between The Few. As soon as I heard that I wrote the rhythm guitar to kinda voice that phrase and we left it at that. That week Dale sent a voice memo of the chorus and we were all sold, by the next practice we had finished the track. I tightened up the verse, Devin helped to fill in the gaps in the verse with that classic AIC sounding vocal, and we made a song that hit all of us emotionally. It was an amazing way to start the journey with this lineup, and the song really became a defining part of the band from thereon. 

Devin: "Between the Few" is an anthem for anybody the feels were torn or stuck in the middle. There are so many people out there that are beaten down by societal norms and never set out to pursue their dreams. I think for us it was about that and finding the "light on the other side" within the band and our expression through our art. Even though all of us were going through the worst point of our lives we believed in our passion and in each other to push through the darkness. It's a song and a story that depicts the struggle, the fight, and the perseverance we all lived.

Lori Rade: DIY bands need a game plan has this been something that has come easy for this group of band members?

Dale: I’ve never felt more confident and content with a line up in my life. I’m blessed to be working alongside three individuals who are not only my best friends and the ones I can always count on, but they’re the hardest working people I’ve ever met. Between the four of us, managing and getting all of the work done that needs to be completed for the band is divided equally and everything comes together proficiently and smoothly. I don’t know what I’d do without these guys. 

Brandon: Yes and No. We always have a plan, but a lot of times last-minute side swipes come through and change things up. Sometimes in a good way, sometimes in a bad way hahaha. We’ve grown used to having a goal in mind and preparing for multiple paths to reach that goal. We try to keep the worst in mind while hoping for the best, that way we can be ready to adjust our plan and action accordingly to whatever comes our way. 

Devin: it definitely didn't come easy, there was a lot of practices where we all sat down, pen and paper in hand, and took notes on how to do it right. A huge shootout to Outerloop Group and there "release it right" class that helped us as well. A ton of good knowledge there that helped us push the single in a proper and effective manner!

Lori Rade: What can we expect next from YO?

Dale: August 16th, 2019 we’ll be releasing our EP, “Between The Few” on physical and all Streaming Platforms such as Spotify and Apple Music. We have plans to head down south in the fall months for some shows, and already have new music in the works. Everyone can keep up with what we’re doing and if we’ll be in a town near them on our Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter pages. Thank you so much for taking the time to review our music and spending the time to interview us! 

Brandon: Well we’ve already recorded a few more songs past the EP, and we’re actively writing and preparing our next release. We’ve also been booking some runs and plan to spread out more. Plenty of more fun things in the works as well that aren’t set in stone yet, but that’s down the line anyway!

Devin: More music, More videos, and more shows so we can rock out with all of you and share our art! We're very excited to release more content and well be constantly working hard to keep it coming! Hold on to your seats everyone because this is where it all begins!