Single Review: Young Other "Between The Few"

Hard Rock is alive and well and happening on the East Coast. Of course, where else but the East Coast? Right? Right! 
Young Other brings a scent of the old school though to their track "Between the Few". This is their title track from their coming EP release of the same. If the song sanctions itself to the light and dark side of music then what is to come is sure to be just as good. There is something about the song that demands you get up and dance, and hard rock doesn't do that often. Not sure if anyone else out there picks up a 70s vibe, subtle not overkill, in the hard rock sound I would love to hear from them.

A super track and one that will get you ready for more to come. The EP from Young Other is set to be released on August 16th, 2019 on all streaming platforms. - S. Johnson

Full Band Light Shot
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