Album Review - Watch Me Breathe The Strange Pull of What You Really Love

By Linette Britt
Rockpicschick Photography and Music

This pop-rock album from Watch Me Breathe is both a bright and dark
album. It is full of truth, angst, and self-discovery. The band has proven
that they have the tenacity to bring an album that is relatable in the
way it shares the good, the bad and the ugly of the deepest parts
exploring what it means to truly be alive.
Like the passionately rendered songs and anthems of bands that have
come before them – like All American Rejects and Jimmy Eat World-
they truly speak with an honesty that connects with the realities of
love, loss, desperation, self-discovery, and self-doubt. The vulnerability
of the Watch Me Breathe on these songs along with the inventive
instrumental arrangements make for a powerful interplay. I found the
way that the way many of the tracks changed dynamic mid-song to be
unique and creative.

Songs I loved:

Pain speaks to the feelings of feeling so bogged down with feelings that
you can’t bear anyone to see who they are beneath and wanting to be
left alone and just fade away. The expansive instrumental layers in this
one really grabbed me as the first song on the album.

"The Other Side" questions life’s circumstances and trying to figure out a
place in this mixed-up world. Feeling lost and wondering how to find
meaning and something real. “Do I need to break out, or do I need to
break in?” But there’s hope that there is something there. Something
worth pushing through for.

"Nothing Else" breaks into a great anthem about leaving it all behind and
being truly alive. It asks if we can “be ourselves and nothing else”,
leaving the shallow trappings of the world. It’ s the “let’s run away and
forget the world song” for me.

"Don’t Fade Away" is a perfect pop anthem to the different, to never
change and be yourself always. That you are beautiful just the way you
are. This would be a great no-brainer radio hit - the melodies are so
catchy and powerful. And the message is on point!

"Here and Now" builds on "Don’t Fade Away" with a powerful message that
encourages you to be a dreamer, not a follower. To drown out the
noise around you and live in the here and now. A hopeful, positive song
on the album that encourages the spirit.

"Feel Alright" connects with the need sometimes to get away to just give
space to our lives and put things into perspective. The idea of wanting
to connect with another person and not be alone- to feel like you’re
going to make it through.

I love the rhythm and catchy beats on “Don’t Think I Haven’t Thought
About It” - It’s the quintessential “what if “- about holding onto hope
for what might have been and what could still be.

The album is spirited and truly shows the talent of Jake Ward in
blending the diverse musicality he had as a solo artist into a new realm
with Watch Me Breathe. I love the flow of the album and how it brings
you to the dark places and blends shadows with light.