Interview with Disciples of Verity

By Octavio Ramos Jr.

What happens when members of Living Colour and Second Skyn join with members and ex-
members of God Forbid and Negative Sky? You get Disciples of Verity, a new breed of
crossover metal. The band’s opening salvo is titled “Worthy,” for which they created a lyric
video that features Arch Enemy’s Jeff Loomis on guitar. The song is taken from the band’s debut
full-length studio CD, titled Pragmatic Sanction, scheduled for release by The Label
Group/Ingrooves later this winter. Bangs! caught up with bassist George Pond, who gave us
some insight into the band’s formation and the meaning behind their moniker.

Bangs!: What was it that led to the formation of Disciples of Verity?

George Pond: “I was writing a bunch of material with a few friends and really didn’t have a
drummer or a singer in mind. We had compiled a bunch of songs that I programmed drums to
and I was thinking of asking a bunch of friends to—well, I guess—just guest on the record.
“I had a bunch of ideas running around in my head. Long story short, I was snowed in at the
National Association of Music Merchants convention with a bunch of people, and Corey Glover
and I were shooting the shit and I was showing him some stuff I had put together. I asked him if
he would do one track with me. I was so happy to do just one, but he was really digging it and
kept coming back down.

“I wasn’t expecting this to be reality—I just wanted to write some good songs that I enjoyed
listening to, but I think we were so happy the way it was going that I saw bigger things
happening. After a few tracks were done, I was talking to my good friend and now bandmate
Corey Pierce and said, ‘hey, man, check out what I am doing her—what do you think?’ He really liked what was going on. We compiled our ideas and recruited some great players that we thought would fit as guests. Then we had a guitar player depart the band, so I knew Mark
Monjoy and Danny Puma from previous bands that I played with both of them in, and BOOM!
There ya have it, DOV (laughs).”

Bangs!: Tell me about the band’s name. What is the meaning behind it?

George Pond: “This was a collaborative effort between Corey Pierce and me. We were looking
for a name representing the truth to what you believe in. Verity’s meaning is quite deep. It’s a true belief of great importance, so the overall meaning is being followers of truth that has great
importance. Sounds kind of cliché when you read it like that, but I am sure we all deep down
follow our own truth and what we believe.”

Bangs!: You have an upcoming full-length studio CD coming out titled Pragmatic Sanction.
What can fans expect to hear?

George Pond: “I think you can expect the unexpected. Each one of us comes from different
musical backgrounds, and to be honest this is completely different than any of our previous
projects, so expect the unexpected. We have a bunch of awesome guests on the record as well:
Jeff Loomis, Morgan Rose (Sevendust), as well as Phil Demmel (Machine Head and Vio-lence)
and Tara Mcleod (Kittie) and a few more.”

Bangs!: Your single is now out, titled “Worthy.” Explain the meaning of the song’s lyrics and
how the song was composed from beginning to end.

George Pond: “The lyrics were written by Corey Glover, so I will do my best to interpret them,
as I was involved in the process. The concept is basically asking yourself the question about if
you are worthy to the world. The world today is based on how many likes and views you have to feel worthy—the bottom line is that no one should have to have likes or views to have self-
worth—that comes from within.

“Well, it all started with a guitar and programmed drums. If everyone likes it, we move to bass and vocals. I know this is strange, but the drums in this case were last (laughs). It’s much easier to make changes before real drums are printed—ahh, the beauty of technology.”

Bangs!: “Worthy” can be experienced via a lyric video. Did you contribute to the video’s
production? Are you satisfied with the final results?

George Pond: “I was involved in the making of the video. It’s based on the amazing artwork
that Melody Myers did for us. I am pleased, for sure.”

Bangs!: Guitarist Jeff Loomis of Nevermore and Arch Enemy played on “Worthy.” How did this
collaboration come to be?

George Pond: “I have always been a fan of Jeff—he is one of my absolute favorites. Corey
Pierce and I were talking about guests on the record. I told him that I wanted some people on the
record and he mentioned Jeff’s name. I was like, ‘yeah, dude, for real! That would be a dream
come true. He sent the track to Jeff; he said he loved it and was all about—dog—a guest solo,
and HOLY SHIT did he deliver.”

Bangs!: Any upcoming tour plans?

George Pond: “As of this moment, we have no tour dates but . . . we are putting things together
to do so, as we speak.”