BANGS! Interview with N.a.s.H.

Interview with Bryan Nash

BANGS!: Talk about how music has influenced you each individually in your daily living.

Music has always influenced each member of the band. In many ways, we share the same viewpoints but in others, we differ. I, for one, have always been able to fill a void that would otherwise be empty space or worse. I am able to feel whole with my appreciation, admiration and also my determination as both a music lover and a musician. And just like anything not moderated by small doses, I have become an addict for it.

Since discovering my want of becoming a musician, I have been able to appreciate something I
otherwise would have wasted completely, a commodity greater than all of the riches on earth or all the oil buried in its soil. Time. It waits for no one and it is up to each individual to decide how they choose to spend the time they have. I was lucky to find my fix so young and to be counting my time since. Grinding my teeth to a 4/4 count and making sure I never miss a beat. Whether behind a drum kit or not. And now my want has matured into a need like any other junkie looking to keep the time he or she chooses and spend it feeling nothing but that sense of completeness. I am a fan first and last and the discovery of songs that relate to my life, songs that dig down into that core of you and imprint something into your DNA to than reshape the very essence of one’s self and imparts even more to further fill that gap, that hole where time seems to end. instead, music fills it all up and allows you to
control time, bend and shape it as it shapes you. It moves you forward with a heartbeat. And for me, it’s all I’ll ever need to count on.

BANGS!: Where do you each find yourselves listening to music most often?

On average, I would say about 6 hours of my day has a musical score derived from all of my favorite bands but even more important at least an hour of that six I am hunting for more. There is no greater feeling than discovering something new that you can fall in love with. A band you never even knew existed or a song that you hear for the first time. Other than playing on stage with my own group i think it is the greatest thing to become fanatical with someone else’s.

BANGS!: What are your favorite instruments? Why do you favor them?

Jim Bobbi-
- SJC drums- “They make the greatest custom drums on planet earth. They produce raw power that a drummer can use to unleash onto the world and always turn heads at the very sight of them.”
- Zildjian Drumsticks: “I sometimes play around with the actual sizes these sticks are always what I gravitate to for our live shows.”
- Zildian/ meinl cymbals- “These cymbals companies truly allows blaze their own trails and create great sounding cymbals that always mix well live on stage or inside a studio. If I ever have a need or a want in this department these companies have me covered.”

- Orange Rockerverb 50 amps
- Gibson les Paul traditional guitars
“I use Gibson Les Pauls because I love the fat rounded neck shape and they have such a huge full sound.
Orange Rockerverb because the clean channel is second to none and it can handle any amount of gain you throw at it. The high gain sounds amazing out of these amps.”

- Kemper Amps: “Kemper Amps was kind of a happy accident for me I was searching for something else,
another company actually and found out about kemper and started doing research. I have for the longest time been let down time and time again by digital amps and amp modeling that I was so weary.....until I got the amp home. Aside from being the spitting image of the amp it is mirroring, the balls on the power amp version were unreal. The guys joke with me constantly about recycling and cycling through amps until kemper came along. I have never had such an affair with an amp I will never get rid of it. Plus it doesn’t hurt that I never have to buy another effect pedal again.”
- Gibson Guitars: “Gibson guitars are about as close to perfection as a guitar player can find. They are so mechanically simple in such an awesome looking shape that it is impossible to argue with tradition on this one. I mean, the greatest players in the world don’t play them because they like the taste. They are
the best sounding machines on the market. Period.”
- Shur Mics: .....because what am I? A savage?”

- Ampeg Amp
- Gallien Krueger Amp
- Ibanez guitars
“I loves Ibanez. It has always been my favorite guitar. They are pretty light but carry an awesome

BANGS!: Talk about your current project. Its conception. How it evolved. The storyline behind its development or any anecdotes that may have occurred during the writing/recording process?

N.A.S.H. is very proud with what we did with our album Incredible Villains. We sought a way to create our sound without shackling ourselves to any one genre. Yes, we are a rock band, but we wanted to just create songs worth a damn that could do what these songs did for us while recording and writing them. Relate with our fans and have them recreate an interpretation of it that could get them through the worst of times while also remembering to celebrate the best of them.
During the conception of the album, the band went through some difficult times and if it wasn't for having each other and the music to fall back on, we don't know exactly where we would've ended up. A lot of what we felt during those times are written right inside those lyrics and backbeats and guitar riffs.
During the song, “Cellar Door” I was working through a rage I had never known before and took it out on his snare drum, purposely stabbing at it with a broken stick and fist. This is why, at the end of the song, there are random symbol strikes that are actually coming from me punching the cymbals. I ended up with two large scars on my knuckles from cymbal hits. Nothing a little duct tape didn’t fix tho. We decided that for some reason even tho those cymbal hits weren’t all in time with one another that somehow it worked to end the song. We felt these songs come to life as we were recording them and they really helped us through some shit. We hope that others can listen to these tracks and it helps them get through a similar rage or sadness or possibly help someone steady themselves when they feel as if they are up against a wall or help push nose to the grindstone or simply wanting a song to sign the time with. To help one remember the good stuff. That is why we think this album has so much to offer
and hope it really finds the audiences that can use it the way we did. And if any fan ever wants just ask me and I will show you the scars it took to get “Cellar Door” done right.

BANGS!: Where there any conflicts during the recording process? If so, how did you as a band overcome them, if not what do you think is Another Days Armor formula to gel so well?
Oh Boy. For one thing you have brothers who make up most of N.a.s.h. and Dylan who has been with the band long enough now that we also consider a brother as well. AND with that you should know, brothers fight about everything. I will actually help give you a close image of how we really are within our assigned roles in the group using Characters from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. I know I have used this reference before, but our mother assigned us these roles one Halloween when we dressed up and it's almost as if ever since, we've been playing these roles.
Joseph Nash, the eldest brother, is the Leonardo of the group. Not because Leonardo was the leader per se, but because when the time comes for important decisions to be made, Joseph is normally the one
who tries to put things in order the best way he sees fit, so that the band can remain productive. Bryan, is what I consider the Donatello. Bryan ultimately is the entire reason why the band exists, between starting the band with our father, originally behind the drums, and being the brain behind a lot of the bands lyrics... along with Dylan’s writing, it makes for the explosive songwriting style you hear on IV {Incredible Villains}. So, Dylan Johnson, keen and witty enough to help Bryan with a lot of the bands
writing, but also wise enough never to take a side against a fight he knows doesn’t get the band
anywhere, to begin with, i.e. brotherly squabbling… Master Splinter of course. And that has nothing to do with physical appearance mind you. Dylan is actually the best looking out of all of us. Me, Jim Bobbi, never agrees with this method or any method Joe comes up with. I know Dylan may feel slightly cheated for me giving myself this role. Because Joe and I clash more about important matters and I feel my way is the best way and his sucks ass. I, Jim Bobbi, fortunately, am the Raphael of the group. And I ask you
who the hell wouldn’t want to be Raph?

While we are in our elements tho this concept becomes null and void because when in a recording studio or on the stage we are who we were destined to be. Joe, Dylan, Bryan and Jim Bobbi and together we are N.A.S.H.

BANGS!: Is there a particular part you enjoy more than another in the process of a project?

The recording is awesome. We all love to create, but that would be nothing without the reaction from the Villains out there. Seeing our fanbase out at our shows, watching them watch us, hearing what they have to say about our music and our performances give us such joy and fill us with a drive that makes life worth living. The Villains are the part we truly enjoy the most. I hope it is like that for every artist. Without the fans and the music that connects you to them... why bother doing any of it? With them though, you can create a power that few come to know for various reasons. For us, that connection drives us with every choice we make and hope to continue giving that drive and power back to them
within our songs.

BANGS!: How do you know when a song is done and ready to be taken to the recording studio and produced?

Any one member of the group will be fumbling with an idea. Whether it be a guitar riff, a back drumbeat
or a bass fill that he will then bring to a practice. This is traditionally how it all starts. Bryan may even have a set of lyrics to chalk up a verse or chorus. We will then begin playing as if we all know exactly where the song is gonna go. As if it was already written down on staff paper. We typically fall into a rhythm that we all will just feel and that will turn into the backbone of the song. Once we know where
the music wants to take us all, then we will break. This, I always felt was crucial to our form of writing style. At this point, there is very little. The Meat and Potatoes have yet to hit the plate - as my favorite music teacher use to say. The meat and potatoes were everything to a song. It makes people feel fulfilled after one taste. So we would take our time. Break for a few days and each brings it up as we saw fit till the band could bring it back up at the next practice.
Low and behold each member will then have new exciting things to add whether different drum breaks or bass fills. Dylan will have the early stages of the guitar lead and Bryan will have a third of his lyrics written with a catchy hook and will ask the band for any suggestions.
The funniest thing I always think about is, I have been playing and writing songs with Bryan the longest out of all of the band members and this is the exact formula we would use, but what always blew me away was Bryan doesn’t have a fucking notebook where all his lyrical genius is documented and filed
away. And yes, I believe my brother to be just that. There are few people I believe on Earth that can twist words and find the perfect lyrics for a song to provide important depth and meaning to then invoke a feeling from the listener. Eddie Vedder is a lyrical genius. Slim Shady a master of euphonious rhyme and Bryan I believe is in that very same class. You could say it’s easy for me to say this since we
are in the same band, but then I must remind you, he is my brother and when it comes to that, Bryan doesn't exist and I am the greatest there ever was and that’s that.
Our last two albums and now, the work being down on our third, has always formed the songs in this very manner. We work everything else from there until we can finally say that we have the meat and potatoes and the future listeners out there will never starve listening to what we lay down on any N.A.S.H. album.

BANGS!: Looking towards the short and long term of where you might be currently- where do you see yourself (yourselves) as an artist/band in 2019 and beyond?

We believe very much in this album, ‘Incredible Villains’. We believe it will find an audience that will enjoy it as much as we do. Our future is all about working towards getting it out there. If not for people going out of their way like you folks at BANGS! Music and Entertainment to debut our material and help fans reach us, it would be a lot harder for us. As a band, we are super pumped for a November show at Starland Ballroom in Sayreville, NJ. That has been a venue that we have all gone to see our favorite
bands, so to be able to play there will be really something.

For that N.A.S.H. is ever grateful and humbled you would allow us to ramble on about ourselves. Hopefully, with all the hard work, we can get on a tour and with that... world domination! You know, the usual.

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