Interview with Emma Garell and Her Single/Video "Crawl"

Having just recently joined TAG Publicity and The Label Group newcomer Emma Garell has already caught the eye of TKO Booking and been added. 2020 holds much more as she continues to write from her own personal library of life and observations caught in her artistic view- all of it joining and blending into a sound that bleeds dirty, gritty rock with a direct pump to a style all Emma's.

Alice: Talk to us about your latest project Crawl.  

Emma Garell: I have been through a lot this last year.  Life events forced me to change my point of view drastically. While I had lots of tragedy this year I am very thankful for these events that molded me into who I am now. And all the songs coming out, including “Crawl” are just my feelings and observations of this year's challenging moments.

Alice: How personal are your song lyrics usually? 

Emma Garell: Very, this is a big change from what I was making last year. So much has changed in me and experiencing tragedy in your life can definitely change who you are. 

Alice: If a person asked you what can I expect to hear when I listen to The Emma Garell Band, what would you say?  

Emma Garell: As for the recorded songs, I am having a hard time describing my sound right now because it is so new to me and I am still navigating through it. But I promise you that you will be hearing ME at a very sincere level as I explore my developing sound.

Alice: How about your shows, what can they expect when they see you live?

Emma Garell: At our live shows you are going to experience a gritty dirty rock show regardless of the poppy sound that the recorded songs have. We always include some of our favorite hard rock covers. There is a lot of passion in all of us and you will see that in us when we are playing. 
Alice: Didn't you recently play in Nashville? How was that? 

Emma Garell: Yes I did! It was really cool and felt that we were well received. We met a lot of cool people that I am glad will be in our lives as we journey ahead. 

Alice: What were some of the ins and outs in this release? Any valuable lessons learned? 

Emma Garell: Luckily this release went really smoothly thanks to The Label Group and Tag Publicity. I certainly had my worries about everything going wrong, but the release went as scheduled and everyone worked really well together

Alice: Favorite Tim Burton movie? 

Emma Garell: Corpse Bride, I feel that movie is really underrated.

Alice: Clothes shopping is key to looking like a rocker, where do you find the best threads for stage performances and videos? 

Emma Garell: Mostly thrift stores in Richmond like ByGones, Ashby and Buffalo Exchange, other than that I shop at Urban Outfitters or Free People for my staple pieces.

Alice: Festivals the band would like to play in 2020? 

Emma Garell: While these may be an unrealistic wish-- Epicenter would be fun, Blue Ridge Rock Festival is a popular one in Virgina, Carolina Rebellion of course and… I am already set for a small local festival in Richmond, ROCKFEST RVA.

Alice: Any upcoming tour plans? 

Emma Garell: Nope, nothing set in stone but there has been some whispering on touring with a couple other bands though.  Wait and see!

Alice: Sponsors you would like to thank? 

Emma Garell: I really want to thank our homebase bar, Another Round Bar & Grill, in Richmond, VA. Not only do they provide rehearsal space for us and store our gear but if we are hungry they feed us, if we need a job they find work for us.  They were also the first bar to take a chance with me when I went door to door asking for gigs.