Holiday Fun with Dark Below

Santa and Hanukkah Harry: So have you been good this
year? Now be honest we do have our list. 

Josh Campbell: I’ve been pretty good I think. I should at
least get something better than the coal from last

S/HH: You had set out at the first of 2019 to
accomplish certain things for your music. How's that
been going?

Josh Campbell: It has been going well. We decided that
we really needed to try to do more this year, and we
have definitely done that. It seems like we have been
close to doing the things we wanted in the past, but
we’ve played more shows this year than ever before
and we’re getting ready to record some more, so it is
going well.

S/HH: Enough shop talk. Let's get into the holiday
mood. Favorite holiday movie? 

Josh Campbell: Probably
Bad Santa. Billy Bob Thornton just has a magical way of
portraying an asshole character.

S/HH: Do you have a particular food or dish that you
like to consume or fix and bring to a gathering? Feel
free to share your recipe. 

Josh Campbell: Well, first of all, no one would want to eat anything I had prepared,
so I don’t really bring much. As far as what I like to
consume though, there’s a lot. My favorite thing is
probably the homemade noodles though. I always eat
way too many of them.

S/HH: What are some of your favorite holiday

Josh Campbell: Nothing too particular, but
my favorite memories are just from spending time with
my family.

S/HH: Holiday traditions? 

Josh Campbell: We just do
the pretty standard family get together on Christmas
day, but that’s really about it.

S/HH: Let's test your knowledge. How many reindeer
are there and what are their names? 

Josh Campbell: I think there are 9. Rudolph, Dasher, Dancer, Prancer,
Vixen, Comet, Cupid, Donner, Blitzen.

S/HH: Hannukah is also known as the "?"

Josh Campbell: Festival of lights?

S/HH: Are you into snow sports during the winter
months or if you are down under summer sports during
the winter months? What are they? 

Josh Campbell: I’m not really into winter sports because that requires
being outside and I hate the cold. I did go to Colorado
and go snowboarding once though and I was awful at it.
I’ve never been so sore in my life from the constant
crashing and getting back up.

S/HH: Weirdest kiss you ever gave or received under
the mistletoe was with who? 

Josh Campbell: I don’t think I’ve ever actually kissed anyone under the

S/HH: Eggnog? 

Josh Campbell: I have never actually
tried eggnog, but I’m just going to go ahead and say
probably not.

S/HH: If you could give the world one gift that would
last a lifetime what would you give? 

Josh Campbell: I’m going to say socks. I don’t know about the rest of you,
but a lifetime supply of socks would be pretty nice
considering how I go through them.

S/HH: Favorite holiday song? 

Josh Campbell: So I worked at Home Depot while I was in college and had to
endure two different holiday seasons of them playing a
loop of the same 10 Christmas songs. Because of that, I
really don’t care for any of the traditional songs that
much, but I always thought Adam Sandler’s Hannukah
song was pretty good.

S/HH: Do you have a song by you and your band?
Would you please share where we can hear it? 

Josh Campbell: Our newest single "Halo" is available now and
you can hear it on pretty much all of the usual places.
If you check out our Facebook page we have a new lyric
video for it, or you can find it on Spotify, Apple Music,
Youtube, etc.

S/HH: What would you like to say in this final holiday
chat to your fans? 

Josh Campbell: Just want to say
thank you to all of you guys for the support. It means
so much to us that people actually care enough to come
out to our shows and read stuff like this, so thank you
all for making it possible!