Interview with Roxxi Dot of The Savior Complex

BANGS!: Talk about how music has influenced you each individually in your daily living.

Roxxi Dot: The Savior Complex has directed me to answer our first interviews. With that being said, listen to our album.

BANGS!: Where do you each find yourselves listening to music most often?

Roxxi Dot: In our heads.

BANGS!: What are your favorite brands to use when it comes to the instruments, mics, amps, pedals and so on? Why do you favor them?

Roxxi Dot: Fender P Bass and AMPEG.

BANGS!: Talk about your current project. Its conception. How it evolved. The storyline behind its development or any anecdotes that may have occurred during the writing/recording process?
Roxxi Dot: It’s all going to be a blast in your face. More to come.

BANGS!: Were there any conflicts during the recording process? If so, how did you as a band overcome them, if not what do you think is the formula to gel so well?

Roxxi Dot: Money.

BANGS!: Is there a particular part you enjoy more than another in the process of a project?

Roxxi Dot: Shut up and play.

BANGS!: How do you know when a song is done and ready to be taken to the recording studio and produced?

Roxxi Dot: When your ears fucking bleed that’s when you know.

BANGS!: Looking towards the short and long term of where you might be currently- where do you see yourself (yourselves) as an artist/band in 2019 and beyond?

Roxxi Dot: In your living room. In your head.