Renegade Cartel Debut Album


Early Praise for Dear World:

"In an era where rock bands take inspiration quite liberally from legends of yore, it may be easy to write off the pleasant grooves of “Dear World” as the result of yet another gathering of copycats. But with patience, it becomes clear that Renegade Cartel have crafted a beautiful vision of what they have seen in the history of rock, and highlight where rock has the potential to grow in the future." - Sonic Perspectives
"The band fuses classic ingredients from the 80’s and 90’s with seventies groove and drive. An organic, down to earth blend of styles fluently finding its way to the listener, oozing comfort." - Headbanger Lifestyle
RC LP Final 1.3
Track List:
1. Break Your Chains
2. Drown
3. Disintegrate
4. Dear World
5. Leaving Fairytales Behind
6. Overdrive
7. Nothing New
8. Come
9. Lose Control
10. When
11. Labryrinth
12. Morning Light
13. Glory
14. End Of Time
15. Home