5 SHOTS with Greg Antine of Swim the Current

5 SHOTS with Greg Antine of Swim the Current

Greg Antine  (Swim the Current)
Fact 1... I Love Music
Fact 2... I Have OCD
Fact 3... I Was Struck by Lightning (True Story)
Fact 4... I Don't Surf
Fact 5... I Like People

Songs That Have Influenced Me
(Believe) by the band DIG
(9th Symphony) Beethoven
(I See the Sun in Your Eyes) Tommy Henrickson
Every Song By the Deftones
Every song By Quicksand, Failure and Into Another & Orange 9mm
(The Songs Written by these Artists have shaped me as a musician)

5 Videos That I like
One Video comes to mind ( Michael Jacksons Thriller)
Best Video ever created in a cinematic sense. The Choreography and the Actors in the video are both Brilliant

Favorite Food (Before & After a Performance)
Wonder Bread and Cheeze Wiz before a Performance
Pop Corn and Beer from the Bar after a Performance

Guilty Pleasure Artist
(Crucial Taunt) from the Movie Waynes World