Holiday Fun with Dan Kincaid

Santa and Hanukkah Harry: So have you been good this year? Now be honest we do
have our list.
Dan Kincaid: I’ve been mostly good I think but I guess that depends on who you
I have an odd sense of humor that gets me in trouble sometimes.
Beyond that, I’ve written a great album and released it this year, so I don’t think
I’ll be getting a piece of coal this year. But maybe a polished rock! lol

S/HH: You had set out at the first of 2019 to accomplish certain things for your
music. Hows that been going?
Dan Kincaid: It’s gone great! I’ve released my first solo album “Persona Non Grata”
produced by Christian Eigner of Depeche Mode and Niko Stoessl.
It’s an amazing album. It’s a musical confession. It’s my soul on display.
Persona Non Grata is about life, love, loss, the strength to face your demons and
the power to rise above them. In my life, I’ve experienced traumatic events, which
led me down a path to self-destruction. This album is about rebirth. Persona Non
Grata is about rising from the ashes. I want everyone who has been where I’ve
been to know that there is hope.

S/HH: Enough shop talk. Let's get into the holiday mood. Favorite holiday movie?
Dan Kincaid: A Christmas Story and Elf are my favorites.

S/HH: Do you have a particular food or dish that you like to consume or fix and
bring to a gathering? Feel free to share your recipe.
Dan Kincaid: I make one hell of a stuffing! Sorry, can’t share the recipe. It’s a
family secret!

S/HH: What are some of your favorite holiday memories?
Dan Kincaid: I have a little boy named Xander. He’s 7. All of my best Christmas
memories have been watching his joy opening his presents and being with my family
on Christmas morning.
He is my gift.

S/HH: Holiday traditions?
Dan Kincaid: A long standing Christmas tradition for me is putting up the tree then
watching my asshole cats destroy it. It’s not Christmas until I drag a cat out of
the tree.

S/HH: Lets test your knowledge. How many reindeer are there and what are their
Dan Kincaid: There are 12. Prancer, Dancer, Donner, Blitzen, Vixen, Comet, Cupid,
and Rudolph. Then Sam, Bob, Teddy, and Grant.

S/HH: Hannukah is also known as the ?
Dan Kincaid: The festival of lights.

S/HH: Are you into snow sports during the winter months or if you are down under
summer sports during the winter months? What are they?
Dan Kincaid: If it’s cold out, I’m not going outside. I’ve never been great at sports
and if I was to pursue one it would certainly not be in the cold. I hate cold
weather. I practice martial arts and play poker. That’s about as sporty as I get.

S/HH: Weirdest kiss you ever gave or received under the mistletoe was with who?
Dan Kincaid: I’ve don’t know if I’ve ever kissed anyone under the mistletoe. Where
would one find that on the female anatomy?

S/HH: Eggnog?
Dan Kincaid: One a year and only with Brandy!

S/HH: If you could give the world one gift that would last a lifetime what would
you give?
Dan Kincaid: Persona Non Grata, my new album.

S/HH: Favorite holiday song?
Dan Kincaid: Silent Night. My neighbors won’t shut the fuck up!

S/HH: Do you have a song by your you and your band? Would you please share
where we can hear it?
Dan Kincaid: I’ve released a new album and you can find all the links to stream or
download it at

S/HH: What would you like to say in this final holiday chat to your fans?
Dan Kincaid: To my fans… I am eternally grateful for your support. I know that you
have the music world at your fingertips and the fact that you choose to listen to
my songs when you go online humbles me and brings me joy. Without you I could not continue to do what I love to do. Without you I would go
unheard. I want to thank you for listening. I want to thank you for taking this journey with
Happy Holidays! I wish you all the best this life has to offer.