Holiday Fun with Mark Monjoy of Disciples of Verity

Have I been good this year? 
 Mark Monjoy,,,,,Yes

 2019 set out to accomplish musical goals. How is that going?  
Mark Monjoy,,,,,,
 Seems to be going well this year. I believe that you always wish to accomplish more but besides writing and recording my own personal tunes I would have to say joining up with disciples of Verity this year has been great. Glad to be jamming with such good friends and musicians.

 Favorite holiday movie? 
Mark Monjoy,,,,, Bad Santa.

 Favorite dish to cook?
 Mark Monjoy,,,,,,
 Homemade Mac and cheese, ingredients are macaroni and cheese.

 Favorite holiday memories?
Mark Monjoy,,,,,,
 Just hangin with family which I feel is important, especially around the holidays.

Any Holiday traditions?
Mark Monjoy,,,,,
 Gathering with family and friends, eating and drinking and smoking Christmas Bud.

 How many rein deer in their names? 
Mark Monjoy,,,,,,,,
 9 Dasher, dancer, prancer, vixen, comet, Cupid, shitin in pissin and Rudolph.

 Hanukkah is also known as the? 
Mark Monjoy,,,,,,
 Well I'm not Jewish but could it be the festival of lights?

 Winter sports I'm into.
Mark Monjoy,,,,,,  I used to snowboard every winter for years I haven't gone in about 8 years now. I do miss it though.

 Weirdest mistletoe kiss.
Mark Monjoy,,,, Never really had a weird one. Lol.

 Do I drink eggnog?
Mark Monjoy,,,,,,,
 I used to drink homemade eggnog that my father would make,  Which was always good. But then my father and brother came down with salmonella poisoning and that was the last of that period lol.

 One gift I would give to the world. 
Mark Monjoy,,,,,,
 If peace could be a gift I would give that.

 My favorite holiday song.
Mark Monjoy,,,,,
Father Christmas by the Kinks.

 Final thoughts to the Fans:
Mark Monjoy,,,,,
 Wish you all a happy holiday season and a kick ass New Year. See you on the road in 2020!!!