Holiday Fun with Parallel Motion!

Santa and Hanukkah Harry: So have you been good this year? Now be honest we do have our list.

Dave Juan: Possibly no lol. 
Jons Blakk: Of course, you already know me... lol

S/HH: You had set out at the first of 2019 to accomplish certain things for your music. How's that been going?

Dave Juan: When we started the year our goal was to release our EP Illogical. We are proud that it is finally out there and people are enjoying it. 
Jons Blakk: It's going great! We played new cities, released our EP Illogical with a new video and now working on new material.
S/HH: Enough shop talk. Let's get into the holiday mood. Favorite holiday movie?

Dave Juan: ELF and The Nightmare before Christmas.
Jons Blakk: A Christmas Story and Christmas Vacation.

S/HH: Do you have a particular food or dish that you like to consume or fix and bring to a gathering? Feel free to share your recipe.

Dave Juan: Wow so many, but right now we are drinking in my household "Coquito" its like eggnog just made with  Puerto Rican rum and coconut milk.
Jons Blakk: I'm not very good at "fixing meals" so if I go to a gathering I'll bring the chips. I mean you can't go wrong with Tostitos right lol 

S/HH: What are some of your favorite holiday memories?

Dave Juan: Well, opening my gifts and seeing that they were Korn, Sevendust, and incubus CDs. My friends riding a bike while I was in my room learning new songs. 
Jons Blakk: As a kid waking up at 5-6 in the morning on Christmas day and seeing all the gifts under the tree. I remember when I got the Metal Gear Solid video game. I played for about 7-8 hours straight that day without having a memory card to save the progress lol fun times!

S/HH: Holiday traditions?

Dave Juan: We always try to get together for new years eve and celebrate with a toast, now with facetime we always find a way to celebrate and wish each other well.  
Jons Blakk: On Thanksgiving, we all wake up to watch the Macy's parade on Tv while we decorate the Christmas tree. 

S/HH: let's test your knowledge. How many reindeer are there and what are their names?

Dave Juan: I will be honest I only know Rudolph lol.
Jons Blakk: Google says: There are 9 reindeers. 
"You know Dasher and Dancer and Prancer and Vixen,
you know Comet and Cupid and Donner and Blitzen,
"But do you recall
"The most famous reindeer of all
"Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer
"Had a very shiny nose

S/HH: Hannukah is also known as the "?"

Dave Juan: Jewish festival and festival of lights. Reminds me of our song Light ejem ejem lol.
Jons Blakk: Yeah! What Dave just go listen to Light by Parallel Motion!

S/HH: Are you into snow sports during the winter months or if you are down under summer sports during the winter months? What are they?

Dave Juan: Summer sports body boarding, swimming and just anything with the beach. 
Jons Blakk: I like snowboarding but we live in Florida so I just watch it on TV. NFL is what's up during the winter months for me. 

S/HH: Weirdest kiss you ever gave or received under the mistletoe was with who?

Dave Juan: None that I Can remember lol.
Jons Blakk: My wife obviously... lol

S/HH: Eggnog?

Dave Juan: For me Puerto Rican Eggnog "Coquito".
Jons Blakk: Yeah "Coquito" for me too! 

S/HH: If you could give the world one gift that would last a lifetime what would you give?

Dave Juan: Mental Peace, but honestly just amazing music and art. 
Jons Blakk: The power of wisdom but in reality, I would give music that inspires and unite us.

S/HH: Favorite holiday song?

Dave Juan: Jingle Balls by Korn, Corey Taylor Xm@$ and Adres Jimenez Despierta Boricua. 
Jons Blakk: It's beginning to look like Christmas by Bing Crosby 

S/HH: Do you have a song by you and your band? Would you please share where we can hear it?

Dave Juan: We haven't written a Xmas song but I would choose Light as good on for the holidays. All our music is available on all digital music market places. 
Jons Blakk: Listen to Parallel Motion on your favorite music platform. Check out

S/HH: What would you like to say in this final holiday chat to your fans?

Dave Juan: Thank you for coming to our shows, buying our merchandise and sharing our music. All of your support has helped us complete our goal of recording our EP Illogical and what's new to come in the year 2020. One Love. 
Jons Blakk: Happy holidays, we appreciate you all! Thanks for believing in our music and for your continuous support. New music and a lot of great things coming in 2020 

stay tuned!