Holiday Fun with Will Crewdson of She Made Me Do It

Santa and Hanukkah Harry: So have you been good this year? Now be honest we do have our list.

We’ve been good at being bad. In a good way. 

S/HH: You had set out at the first of 2019 to accomplish certain things for your music. How's that been going?

Really well! We’re so pleased with the reactions to our last EP and single as well as all the live shows. Everything seems to be moving forward and developing nicely. 

S/HH: Enough shop talk. Let's get into the holiday mood. Favorite holiday movie?

How the Grinch Stole Christmas. It can be watched and enjoyed any time of the year which is the sign of a decent Christmas film. 

S/HH: Do you have a particular food or dish that you like to consume or fix and bring to a gathering? Feel free to share your recipe.

Anything vegan. We’re both strict vegans so really into vegan roasts and of course all the trimmings you can get these days. Vegan horseradish is a godsend. 

S/HH: What are some of your favorite holiday memories?

Satsumas in stockings and being excited by getting a toy trumpet for some reason. Don’t think I played it for more than a day. 

S/HH: Holiday traditions?

Walking in solitude and avoiding the west end of London at any cost. 

S/HH: Lets test your knowledge. How many reindeer are there and what are their names?

Rudolf is the only true reindeer. The rest are charlatans. 

S/HH: Hannukah is also known as the "?"

..thing in America? I don’t think we have it here. That’s an anomaly in itself I guess. 

S/HH: Are you into snow sports during the winter months or if you are down under summer sports during the winter months? What are they?

Shaheena loves ice skating but I hate all sports and don’t think I’ll ever see the point. Except boxing and pinball. 

S/HH: Weirdest kiss you ever gave or received under the mistletoe was with who?

Never had the pleasure. If you wanna kiss someone just do it. Mistletoe be damned. 

S/HH: Eggnog?

Not if it has egg in it. Or nog. 

S/HH: If you could give the world one gift that would last a lifetime what would you give?

I’d like to teach the world to sing. But not necessarily in perfect harmony. 

S/HH: Favorite holiday song?

Christmas In Hollis by Run DMC

S/HH: Do you have a song by you and your band? Would you please share where we can hear it?

S/HH: What would you like to say in this final holiday chat to your fans?

Peas on Earth