Interview with Dan Kincaid

Alice: Let's start off with a band introduction.
Dan Kincaid: I’m a solo artist, although I also had the distinct
pleasure of working with Christian Eigner of Depeche Mode and
Niko Stoessl on this album.
I wrote all the songs, sang the vocals, and played some guitar.
Christian and Niko produced, arranged, played most of the
instruments, and mixed and mastered the album. The three of
us as a team have created an album that I am very proud of!

Alice: What was it that led to the formation of your band?
Dan Kincaid: I’ve played in a number of bands such as Spit Out
Star, SuperNo, Six Days ’Til Sunday and Synical. I loved
playing in those bands, but always found it hard to keep
everyone on the same page. I love music and always will, but
somewhere along the way I became a bit disillusioned with the
process. This time, I decided I needed to go solo. 
Right as I started writing this album, I met Christian Eigner at a party in
the Hollywood Hills. We hung out all night talking about music,
life and our love for the movie Zoolander! lol. We became fast
friends and two weeks later we were in the studio working on a
couple of my new songs. He told me he had a producer friend
named Niko who was going to be coming out to LA that week
and we all met up. Niko and I hit it off as well. Such a cool guy!
Christian suggested that I have him and Niko produce my new
album, I was excited about that, although I was a bit
apprehensive since I’m a bit of a control freak.
They told me “Be a singer. Write lyrics, melodies, and chord
progressions and let us take care of the rest!”. When I sent
them my two first demos to produce, I had no idea what to
expect. But when I got back the final product I was like “Fuck
yeah! This is amazing! These guys are awesome and 100% get
what I’m going for!”. They saw my vision, and together we
created a truly amazing album. I can’t wait for more people to
hear it!

Alice: Tell us who is Dan Kincaid?
Dan Kincaid: I’m a lover of music and an artist. I’m always
trying to find new ways to express myself and connect with my
I’m definitely a Gemini. At times I’m a creature of habit. At other
times I’m an adrenaline junky looking for my next fix.
I can be unpredictable. Sometimes I have a hard time
understanding myself and the things I do.
At the end of the day I see myself as an extremely passionate
person who pushes himself to be better. Someone who is
striving for something that’s just out of reach.
I’m also someone who makes mistakes but tries to learn from
them. I’m perfectly imperfect.

Alice: If a person asked you what can I expect to hear when I
listen to Dan Kincaid, what would you say?
Dan Kincaid: You can expect some great songs! And you can
expect honesty. I gave myself no quarter on this one and just
told the truth.
I’ve been through a lot, as have we all, and I just kinda’ laid it all
out there.
All my dreams, fears, strengths and flaws are all out on display
in each one of these songs.

Alice: Talk to us about your latest project Persona Non Grata.
Dan Kincaid: Persona Non Grata is my soul in album form. It’s a
chronicle of my personal battle to overcome all that I feel is
holding me back.
Sometimes the biggest obstacle in my way is myself.
I’ve been through some traumatic events that I still work
everyday to overcome. I hope others out there who are feeling
the same types of emotions and dealing with the same types of
issues that I deal with on a daily basis can take solace in the
fact that they’re not alone in their struggles.
Persona Non Grata is about life, love, loss, and rebirth. It’s
about facing your demons and finding the strength to
overcome them.

Alice: What were some of the ins and outs in this release? Any
valuable lessons learned?
Dan Kincaid: There were definitely many valuable lessons
learned. I learned to let go and trust others to do what was best
for the song. That was therapeutic to say the least.
I learned that having a great team working with you is such a
valuable resource. It expands your boundaries and allows you
new perceptions that you never would have realized had you
not let go.
I also went into this album with no pre-conceived notions of
what it was going to be and just let the music flow. I let the
music tell me what it wanted to be rather than trying to force an
agenda on my creativity.
It was a cathartic experience and also one of the reasons I think
this album communicates better than any other music I’ve put
out before.

Alice: Favorite Will Ferrell movie?
Dan Kincaid: “Step Brothers” for sure. It’s one of my favorites.
At times I have wanted to put my balls an my drummers drum
set! Hahaha! “Talladega Nights” is a close second cuz if you’re
not first you’re last! I love Will Ferrell!

Alice: Festivals the band would like to play in 2020?
Dan Kincaid: I haven’t looked into festivals yet but I’m sure
there are some great ones out there to play.

Alice: Any upcoming tour plans?
Dan Kincaid: My plan for 2020 is to put out a bunch of videos
and play some showcases in the Los Angeles area. I’ll also be
looking for film/tv/video game placements. I think a lot of the
songs on the album would fit great on soundtracks.
Having said that, if the right opportunity was to present itself, I
would love to take this show on the road! There is nothing I love
more than playing on stage.

Alice: Sponsors you would like to thank?
Dan Kincaid: No sponsors at the moment but I would like to
thank you for this interview! I really appreciate it!
I want to thank my family and friends for their undying love and
I’d also like to thank Christian and Niko for all their amazing
work on the album!
I’d like to thank Jonny Bush for the amazing album artwork!
I’d like to thank Brandon Showers for the great photos he took
for the album!
I’d like to thank Rachel Schiller for the great hair and makeup
for the photoshoot!
I’d like to thank Tag Publicity for all their hard work helping get
this album noticed!
I’d like to thank Norman Matthew Pangle for all of his great
advise on promotion!
And most of all, I’d like to thank my fans for listening and buying
the album. Without you all, I couldn’t do this. Much Love and
thank you again!