Calling All Captains "Out Of My Head"

Calling All Captains
Celebrates One Year of
Nothing Grows Here
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Just one year after the release of their Equal Vision Records debut Nothing Grows Here, Canadian quintet Calling All Captains is celebrating with a brand new music video. Fans can check out "Out Of My Head," an homage to friendship and the places music can take you, here: Grows Here was released on February 8th, 2019 and is available now at
"It's been 1 year since our Equal Vision Debut EP "Nothing Grows Here" has been out. We've accomplished so much in that short time. Seeing fan tattoos and people driving hundreds of miles to see us really set in stone what we're capable of," the band shares. "With massive support in our hometown and the Alberta Music Scene we were lucky to be asked to play for almost 10,000 people at a hometown week-long festival called K Days."
They continue: "'Out Of My Head' was a song we never considered making a video for, but after seeing the footage captured from this performance we knew we HAD to make one to celebrate the 1 year anniversary of Nothing Grows Here. This larger than life performance gave us such perspective at where we're heading as a band and how far we still need to go.
Big thanks to Sam Reid & Justin Kueber at Guerrilla Motion Pictures for capturing this unforgettable experience."
Supported by relentless touring and a homegrown attitude, Calling All Captains have been able to push the boundaries and limits of being a band from the Prairies of Canada.
After announcing their signing to the seminal Equal Vision Records, the group released their label debut EP Nothing Grows Here on February 8, 2019. The five-song EP was written and recorded in Edmonton, Alberta teaming up with local producer Quinn Cyrankiewicz. Contrary to the name of the EP, the band has seen an impeccable amount of growth within their home region selling out local venues, most recently supporting The Offspring in Alberta, as well breaking ground touring nationally in Canada and internationally in the UK & USA.

"We've always been a band that did what we wanted for ourselves because we had been told for years that it didn't matter," explains vocalist Luc Gauthier. "Western Canada and more specifically Edmonton is not a music mecca that would ever offer us an opportunity to 'make it'. In a way, this album was cathartic, that our hard work was worth it. In another way, it was the middle finger to everyone who doubted us and told us 'Nothing Grows Here.'"
With an open road and a busy tour schedule, there's no slowing down Calling All Captains. They plan to bring their emotionally energetic show to cities around the world, defeating all odds against them. The main focus is simple: release music, tour, show the world what they've got.

Calling All Captains is Luc Gauthier (vocals), Brad Bremner (guitar), Connor Dawkins (guitar), Nick Malychuk (bass), and Tim Wilson (drums).

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