Interview with Jeff Sandoval of Healing The Fray

Catch us up, what have you both been up to?
Jeff Sandoval: I continue to look for ways to be the best version of myself.  It can be a challenge. My surroundings and the world seem to be on the brink.  I remind myself to find the GOOD in every day. The Love and strength of family. The power of music and melody. 

What is the message that is being spoken? Is it positive or negative? 
Jeff Sandoval: I try to keep my personal life as private, as possible. Musically, striving to connect.  If it was easy, everyone would do it. Nothing worthwhile comes easy. Now, working towards building a Brand around our band.

How does the band Tesla fit into your music repertoire?
Jeff Sandoval: Tesla, these guys are brothers.  They are to us, what Def Leppard is to Tesla.  In 2007, Araiza won a guitar contest to sit in with Tesla. He formed a great relationship with Dave Rude.  Dave was instrumental in solidifying the working relationship with Frank Hannon.  Frank is our OB1. In late 2011, Frank agreed to produce our 2nd album. After the second recording session was completed. Frank approached us on releasing this work collectively. This was the birth “Six String Soldiers”. Frank said that working with us was so easy and we created “Magic” in the studio.  Frank was influential about the messaging of our music. “Always keep it positive”. Negative messaging brings negative vibes.
Tesla talks about LOVE and so Does Healing The Fray. 

"Outside Looking In" Takes a different turn on your sound. 
Jeff Sandoval: Not Really, the “Outside Looking In” sound is something we take pride in. For those fans that have been following us since the beginning of this journey. “Outside Looking In” follows suit of “When She Sighs” off our 1st record, “Love Life and Beauty”, “Redemption” and “Cross Your Mind” off “Six String Soldiers”, “It’s All I Need” off of “Project Playlist” and now “Outside Looking In”.  They are all driven by the beautiful acoustic guitar piece with a thoughtful vocal melody and strong lyrics.  The one thing that makes “Outside Looking In” different is there is no guitar solo.   

Are you writing to bring a message to your work?
Jeff Sandoval: Always, the messages we bring are relatable. What we enjoy the most is when our Fans let us know how one of our songs has touched their lives. Our music has been played at Weddings and at Funerals. We have been there during the happiest and saddest points in their lives. That means something. It touches our souls deeply.

What’s on the agenda and goals for 2020?  What is coming? 
Jeff Sandoval: Live Shows!! Continue to build our Brand, a lifestyle Brand. Stay strong! Goals - Get set with an established booking agent, land a Big tour Tesla, Foo Fighter, Breaking Benjamin so many great bands out there. Ultimate goal – Duet with Pink would RULE!!

Best, in your estimation, bass guitarist ever?
Jeff Sandoval: Victor Wooten, Stanley Clark – Jazz Fusion
Flea, Billy Sheehan, Getty Lee and John Paul Jones – Rock
James Jamerson – R&B
Bootsy Collins - Funk
Robert Trujillo, Steve Harris – Metal

What other jobs do the band members hold down?
Jeff Sandoval – Main Vocal melody and lyric writer. I handle all the financial, business side, merchandise facilitator, main band contact.
Mike – Riff creator and Cinematography video production. 

Your thoughts on Michael Sweet and Stryper?
Jeff Sandoval - Michael Sweet is so talented and has created a sustainable Brand for Stryper and himself.
He has worked with some amazing artist, George Lynch. Sweet also worked with one of my all-time favorite bands, Boston from 2007-2011, WOW!!
We met Stryper in 2013, Michael has a beautiful soul. Araiza has a very good relationship with Oz.

Any band you would like to tour with or at least perform once with? 
Jeff Sandoval - TESLA, Foo Fighters, Breaking Benjamin, Rival Sons, PINK, Aerosmith and Paul Rodgers!!

New Mexico- your state- I am a tourist for a week, where should I go for food, music, and art?
Jeff Sandoval – Food Sadie’s and Frontier Restaurant in Albuquerque. The Pantry in Santa Fe. La Cueva CafĂ© in Taos.
Music – Sister Bar, Great Vibe. You never know what you are gonna get!!
Tourist – Take the worlds longest Tram to Sandia Peak to 10.3 restaurant, visit Old Town in Albuquerque.  If you come in October you will see the world biggest Balloon Fiesta, over 1700 balloons.– Take the Rail Runner from ABQ to Santa Fe and check out Meow Wolf and Santa Fe Plaza
Headed up North to Ojo Caliente Hot Springs or the Rio Grande Gorge Bridge (10th Highest in the US).
Jump northwest to Four Corners and stand in 4 States at once,
Or head down south to see Trinity Site in White Sands where the Manhattan Project took place.
A little further down south to Carlsbad Caverns visit 119 caves or Ruidoso, The Inn of the Mountain Gods, if you head slightly west you are in wine country Deming and Cloudcroft.

Is there something or someone, in particular, you are proud of from your resident state?
Jeff Sandoval: NM has the most loyal Rock Fans!!!
Our Hatch Green and Red Chili
We are not Breaking Bad – We have a beautiful culture.
MMA Champion Holy Holm
Actors and Artists:
Demi Lovato, Demi Moore, Neil Patrick Harris, John Denver, Feddie Prinze Jr., Adrian Grenier, The Unsers
Harrison “Jack” Schmitt last man on the moon
Sid Gutierrez
Jeff Bezos
Bill Gates

Favorite album cover design ever done?
Jeff Sandoval - Sgt. Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band

Favorite cult type movie would be and what character would you like to portray? 
Jeff Sandoval: Almost Famous – Jeff Bebe Williams

Do you have a movie soundtrack theme song that fits your life? (Your life theme music) 
Jeff Sandoval – A Star Is Born (Maybe It’s Time)

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