ZARAGOZA Inspires Listeners to Breathe "Brand New Life" into Spring 2020 with Sophomore EP, 'Caffeine'

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 Singer / Songwriter ZARAGOZA has released his meditative, official music video for "Brand New Life," the debut single off of his upcoming, sophomore EP, Caffeine, which releases April 24, 2020. Echoing the positive messaging of his Billboard charting debut Child of the Sun, "Brand New Life" layers delicate vocals with exquisite guitar melodies, painting a picture of the peaceful affirmation that weaves through the artist's musical universe.
A mix between calm and chill verses with epic, big choruses and an uplifting bridge, the goal of the mood/vibe is to want to make the listener quit their day job and "start a brand new life;" this is a song based on change and creating a new future.

"I was fearful that this release wouldn't add up to my previous release so I had to dig even deeper within my soul which resulted in something completely unique and closer to my heart. The lyrical theme is about change and starting new, I hope it inspires others as much as it inspired me" – ZARAGOZA

caffeine cover
Caffeine, produced by Mikal Reid (Mick JaggerBen HarperAlice Cooper), is Zaragoza's sophomore studio EP following his Billboard charting debut Child of the Sun. In his new collection of songs he dives even deeper into an acoustic, singer songwriter realm as opposed to the more rock driven debut EP. Publications have noted his music for fans of Bon Iver and Novo. His influences come from legacy acts such as The Beatles, Bob Dylan and Jimi Hendrix.
Zaragoza pushes the same underlying message in every song. Love, peace and positivity. It’s not because he grew up in adversity, being taken away from home after his parents were incarcerated for dealing drugs just to get by. It’s not because he is vegan and meditates for two hours a day. It’s not the incident when he was a victim of a hit and run crime leaving him bed ridden for months to recover. It’s not because his Blues musician father, mentor and greatest inspiration was taken by cancer. It’s not because he proclaims the love of his life as his soulmate. Nor is it the fact that he used to play in a Metal band called Sinicle. He states “It is simply because the world is in desperate need of positivity.”
Catch ZARAGOZA Live:
03/14 @ Steel Bonnet - Scotts Valley, CA
03/18 @ Indie Fest Music Week - Austin, TX
03/20 @ Hotel Cafe - Los Angeles, CA
03/22 @ Jury Room - Santa Cruz, CA
03/29 @ Ralston's Goat - Modesto, CA
05/01 @ Caterpillar's Lounge - Carson City, NV
05/02 @ Pignic Pub & Patio - Reno, NV
05/16 @ Le Cuvier Winery - Paso Robles, CA