BlackTop Mojo EP Review - 'STATIC'

Review by Michelle Barron
Blacktop Mojo EP "STATIC"
Independent Release date May 29. 2020 on ALL major streaming formats. 

Layers. Layers upon layers of Layers.
The band is taking it back to the EP, extended play, days. Four songs that truly take the listener on a trip unknowingly needed. Ethereal, textured. 
The vocals of singer Matt James are Not to be denied. His is not a voice you will choose to talk over. He commands and demands to be listened to. Exfoliating and polishing simultaneously.

Guitarists Ryan Keifer and Chuck Wepfer are as far away from the Drop D riffs performed in previous albums as humanly possible. Hauntingly sneaky, playing off, around, over, and through each other without becoming entangled. Smooth and jagged. Bassist Matt Curtis (Catt Murtis via social media) remains the veins through which the lifeblood pulsates. Never understated and beautifully necessary. Drummer Nathan Gillis is forever the bones of this wicked creation.

A collection that catapults us into a completely different stratosphere than any previous Blacktop Mojo release. This reviewer sees the tones. I listened and envisioned a movie soundtrack. The kind of movie soundtrack that a film would not exist without. The kind in which a scene can be instantly recalled simply by hearing a few notes. Mesmerizing to the extent of losing a sense of self, becoming entwined with the white noise, the cacophony, the choreographed chaos like sinewy vines.

If you are new to this band, Welcome.  Welcome to yet another chapter of Blacktop Mojos metamorphosis. By all means, do yourself a favor and actively seek out the previous three albums.  
If you're a long-time listener who has their albums quite literally burned into your auditory cortex; expect the unexpected. Prepare to ride with them to a hidden location, one maybe they themselves weren't aware existed.


Mike Lomenzo said…
Perfectly described! The music and vocals are very unique to this EP. To me, it sounds like they dug into some of their darker influences, and morphed them into an almost entirely different band, in the most amazing way possible. This review is absolutely 100% perfect in every way. Your wording, the description of the complex dance that the guitar parts perform, throughout the entire EP. As for Catt (Matt), even he took some very different and dark approaches, and it all melds beautifully. Then there is Matt... he found a whole new sound, very dark and melodic, in such a way that his emotions come out in tones, even without words (if that were the case). Bravo! I do not think that this could have been described any better.
ML :)
Tracy E said…
What a way with words.