Interview with Greg Antine of SWIM THE CURRENT

Where did the idea come from to begin this project?
Greg Antine: Swim the Current is a Solo Music Project That I Created about a Year Ago after I Moved into My Shed and Set-Up a Small Music Studio.

How do you choose who you want to work on with each single?
Greg Antine: I Know Many Phenomenal Singers from the Tri-State Area and Wanted to Capture a Different Vocal Approach for Each Track.

Greg Christie is your vocalist on this track "Temperature Maps", how do you both know each other?
Greg Antine:  I Have Known Greg Christie for a Long time. I Wanted Him to Sing on a Track from Day 1. He is a Phenomenal Musician and Human Being

Have the two of you worked together before?
Greg Antine: This is Our First Time that We Have Worked Together.

Was the writing of this song a joint effort?
Greg Antine: I Wrote & Recorded the Music and Sent Greg Christie the Track. He Provided the Melodies and And He Wrote the Vocals.

Is it true that you played all the instruments on this single?
Greg Antine: All Instruments were Played by Me

How many different instruments can you play?
Greg Antine  I Play Guitar, Drums, Piano & Bass.

Ultimately where is this project going, what are you looking to do?
Ultimately, I Want to Have Fun with (Swim the Current) I Want to Inspire People with The Sounds of Emotion while Creating Heartfelt Music with Good Friends!!

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