Interview with Metal Band "Parallel Motion" Listen to Their New Release "SLAVE"

What has Parallel Motion been up to lately?

Jons Blakk: Creating new material, working to improve our live set, etc. We’ve been trying to stay focused and work but rehearsing in the social distancing era has been a bit difficult, especially when we all live 2-3 hours apart.

 Dave Juan: Working on creating new music, I have been digging deep on finding new themes to explore lyrically.

Robb Gates: We are doing a lot of behind the scenes work with writing New material and keeping up on our social media. 

John Vidal: With all the live shows on hiatus we have had lots of time to throw ideas around. It's very exciting to hear all the new material being thrown around in the background.

The single "Slave" certainly has a message. Talk to us about it.

Jons Blakk: When Dave first came up with the lyrics for the hook they quickly got stuck in my head. It made me think of how some people are always trying to tell you what to do, who to be, what to wear, trying to control you. I’m at a point in life where I’m no longer a Slave and wanted to share that with others so they open their eyes and free themselves from those kinds of people. 

Dave Juan: When I first started working on this track, I was going through a situation where I didn’t feel like me anymore and I felt like I was pushing my dreams to the side to work on other people's dreams. I really let my soul out during the recording and I hope that people that feel controlled or feel like their dreams are not important can wake up as I did and continue to fight for them. 

John Vidal: Powerful track both musically and on the lyric side. It hits heavy on all fronts and definitely leaves an impression on the listener.

Who wrote "Slave", who does most of the lyrical writing part for the band?

Jons Blakk:  Mr. Dave Juan 

Dave Juan: I wrote all the lyrics for “Slave” and all the tracks of the band. This band has permitted me to write freely and just pour my soul out to the world.

Robb Gates: “Slave” was an older idea that we took and modernize/trimmed the fat to make what you are hearing today.

John Vidal: This is one the guys had ready to roll when I joined. Dave really hit this track hard and it just sounds so heavy. I'm happy to see it's release into the wild. This is a song that has very much evolved with the sound of Parallel Motion. Looking back at old versions of the track, we can really see the total transformation of the tone and evolution of the sound.

Following the band, did you all have a band change recently? 

Jons Blakk: Unfortunately we did. Life happened and we had to adjust to the situation so we did. “Slave” is the result of the struggle Dave and I felt these last few months trying to keep everything together while producing this amazing song. 

Dave Juan: Like Jons mentioned life happens. “Slave” is the result of our struggle and it took a lot of work and just believing in ourselves to record it.

John Vidal: Indeed!! I recently joined forces with the crew.

 How does Parallel Motion approach music?  

Jons Blakk: We are constantly talking ideas back and forth and when one of them resonates with everyone better than the others we start the process. First, we try to come up with a good structure and BPM and we go from there. 

Dave Juan: Once the band sends me their tracks I pick the one that talks to me the most and the rest is history.

John Vidal: I like to continuously throw tracks at these guys. They are great at providing feedback on whatever might work or something we might be able to fuse together. Jons is like our surgeon, just shoot some ideas into the mix and we attack it, chop it up till we have a solid structure to build from. 

Is this a single coming from an album eventually? 

Jons Blakk: I’m not the type of guy who likes to talk about his next move, I just do it. So for this one question I have no further comments LOL. 

Dave Juan: We shall see if it is part of an album lol. But there is definitely more coming. 

Robb Gates: Very possible right now it's just a single we wanted to share with our friends and fans.

John Vidal: There are some heavy-hitting gnarly tunes being played with right now. I'm very excited to see what Parallel Motion releases next. Every track is a banger and I can't wait to see people fall in love with this music.

How has COVID-19 affected your band? 

Jons Blakk: It’s been tough not seeing my band brothers. We are staying connected via the internet but it’s been a bit hard to get together since we live 2-3 hours apart and there are some restrictions going on. I really want to get back at it asap but it’s also tough to just think that you can get out there and be exposed to something that might come back with you to your house and family. Tough times. 

Dave Juan: It has been crazy, we have been mostly online doing our work and taking the necessary precautions to protect our families. It has hurt a lot of bands but we know that everybody will come back stronger than ever.
John Vidal: It has definitely forced us to adapt our practices and find new ways to share ideas. It's great that we can each work our parts and still create content to share and put out. Even though we are all forced to distance it has really brought us an opportunity to work more on what we love. 

What have you learned from these times that you're using to help create and build your music?

Jons Blakk: That there is a lot of work to be done. It’s a long way to the top if you want to rock and roll!.

David Juan: The work and the love for music never stops.

John Vidal: If you want something, make it happen. This crisis has presented us with a unique opportunity to make epic music.

What would you like your music to do for the universe?

Jons Blakk: Cure CoronaVirus. 

Dave Juan: Bring peace lol. 

Robb Gates: To make it a better place to live and be in :).

John Vidal: I want it to bring people together, to inspire and drive that passion in others to create music. I want people to hear our music and leave wanting more of it.