Pharmacose "The Clearing"

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PHARMACOSE Releases Official Music Video for "The Clearing"

Prescription Fiction Vol. 1 Out NOW!

Jacksonville, FL Alternative Rock Band PHARMACOSE has released the official music video for "The Clearing." Directed by Kurt St. Thomas, "The Clearing" is a psychologically introspective, punk infused track off of the band's new EP, Prescription Fiction, Vol 1, out now via Silent Majority Group.
"I wrote 'The Clearing' during a recovery phase of a manic episode I had a couple of years back. I was trying to get my life back in order and was trying to come to terms with my diagnosis. During the verses I am almost reliving what I felt like during the episode: 'Raging and reckless, out of control.' But the chorus is me, looking backward, making sense of what was going on during that time. There is a sort of internal dialogue that I am having, trying to convince myself that things are going to be okay. I think in the end I do manage to convince myself, but not before reliving the chaos." - Wes Jones (Singer)
Track List:
1. Alternate Reality
2. Checked Out
3. The Clearing
4. Victory at Wit's End
5. I Keep Dreaming of the Sun
6. Perfect Pharmaceutical

Download / Stream Prescription Fiction, Vol. 1 Online:

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Advance Praise for Prescription Fiction Vol. 1:

"Pharmacose hits it hard with a strong debut EP that is bound to open a number of doors for them. The songs feel well-written and creative, while nostalgic for rock music of the last two decades. Despite how reminiscent Pharmcose may sound, Prescription Fiction, Pt. 1 comes across as fresh in 2020, and will leave listeners curious for more." - The Spill Magazine
"The band’s debut EP, Prescription Fiction, Part 1, consists of six hard-driving but melodic tracks...There’s a mix of hard-driving rock and roll, punctuated on some verses with the melodic aplomb of alternative, with the modern sensibilities of emotional music." - BANGS! Music & Entertainment
"Musically this is a big record. Each of the six songs on ‘Prescription Fiction Part 1’ are edgy all-out rockers that would sit nicely on alternative radio playlists. This mini album is super strong. Just like you." - Devolution Magazine
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