Drop Top Alibi Release "Eyes For You"


"Drop Top Alibi aim to break the mould and escape the usual industry standards such as where a chorus should be placed and that a song should only be at the most four minutes long. Their main mission is to bring you something unique, that might catch you off guard, but in a positive, refreshing way." - V13
Eyes For You (Lyric Video)
"Drop Top Alibi strives to break the mould. This latest installment “Eyes For You” explores the darker and more vulnerable side of Drop Top Alibi’s sound. It is also the third and final single from our collaboration with producer Michael Hanson (formerly of Glass Tiger). Our goal was to bring you the vibes of our city in the summertime; from the dusk to the dawn." - Drop Top Alibi

"Eyes For You" Produced By: Drop Top Alibi Art Director: Anneille Little

Drop Top Alibi (DTA) is an unbridled Rock N Roll band from Canada.
As 90’s babies, DTA pulls from all directions when it comes to musical inspiration; putting an emphasis on powerful vocal melodies, untamed guitars, and pounding rhythms.
With songs like the foot-stomping anthems of “Burn” and “So Forgiving”, to the late-night, sweat soaked power ballads of “Summer Nights” and “Take it All in Stride” - the band invites listeners to take a real glimpse into their lives and the inspirations for their music. 
Drop Top Alibi strives to break the mould. In an industry so focused on time constraints and chorus placement, DTA seeks to move away from that by creating something unique and timeless rather than safe and familiar.

In the words of Lemmy Kilmister: “We play Rock N Roll and we dare you to define what that means.”