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CREDIT: Eric Riggs

The Dream Masons Release Sarcastic New Single "Another Great Day"

FFO: Hayley Williams, The Cardigans, Pink Floyd

Cleveland-based artsy, indie rock quartet The Dream Masons have shared a new music video for their single "Another Great Day." The tongue-in-cheek tune is an odd dreamy melding of blues-inspired pop rock and a magic wand's dose of psychedelia.

Contrary to the uplifting chorus, vocalist Annastacia Monroe says there's something much darker happening beneath the hopeful sounding lyrics.

"It's really about self-loathing, but it also strives to attack the society that helped create the self-loathing in the first place," says Annastacia. "There's people who don't see the validity of your pain and instead see the flailing pathetic drama queen you so desperately crave NOT to be. Its like 'well fuck it here's another great fucking day, isn't it?' because until you die, the suns just gonna keep rising over and over you're just gonna have to keep on living."

A grungy, 90's guitar lick leads you into the song before Annastacia lures you further with an undeniably catchy whistle. The shift to upstroke guitars and a laid-back, but sultry attitude hearkens to No Doubt's "Underneath It All." This all revs up to the passive-aggressive chorus that really showcases Annastacia's wide-ranging vocal prowess.

AGD vid

Like a dream itself, a combination of restlessness, imagination, and luck repeatedly brought Annastacia and guitarist Eric Hellinger together. With a little coaxing from the universe, the pair finally heard the call and released their debut EP Hello Violet in 2016, featuring the single "All or Nothing." The band is currently at work on their sophomore EP The Lesser of 200 Evils, due this fall.

Listen to the single "Another Great Day" now on Spotify.