A Conversation with Jake LaCore of Gabriel and the Apocalypse


It has been quite the year for musicians, bands, and the music industry in general. Hardships have hit sales, touring, and more. However, thankfully musicians and bands are a resilient lot and have come up with other ways to keep their music thriving and alive. Gabriel and the Apocalypse felt that it was a fitting time to not only focus on writing new material (fans are super excited to hear this!) As well, in chatting recently with band member Jack LaCore GATA felt it was time to explore the world of remixes too. "Systematic Chaos" was their first remix working with Rick "Stitch" Thomas (Mushroomhead/Ventana) which is was quite popular over in the UK as DJForceX spun it on his show and fans requested it, and now GATA's latest, "Breathe Me An Ocean." 

"Breathing Me An Ocean" is in its simple form- acoustic- and showcases the richness of Lindy Gabriel's vocals. The song is an emotional angelic vision and was recently picked up by a radio station out of Scotland called, Folkal 462 Radio. Maybe this is the beauty behind the difficulties that 2020 has brought us all we are all having to think outside our own boxes as bands must continue their passion. Music is art and Gabriel and the Apocalypse are in truth- artists.

Saul Treno: You have had quite a year with Gabriel and the Apocalypse haven't you? 

Jake LaCore:  Luckily we dig squeeze a tour in right before the pandemic.  We have had a good year as far as releases we've put out 4 music videos and a couple remixes.  We are also working on some new material so we are staying busy.  We hope to get back on the road when things stabilize enough to do so safely.

ST: How has the band managed to keep their sanity and passion going for music through everything going on?
JL:  It's been tough and a longer haul than one can hope for.  There's been a lot of good music put out this year which definitely helps to stay inspired and stay positive.  Keeping busy with projects which help distract from all of the madness.  

ST: Your decision to do some remixing, any surprises along the way so far?
JL:  We've always really wanted to do some remixes but never had the right time or opportunity but feels right at this moment.

ST: How easy or complex is songwriting in general and when performing live have you ever forgotten the lyrics or melody, etc?
JL:  The songs come together in waves when writing.  Sometimes we each can have moments live where you blank out on little parts here or there but generally are well-rehearsed before going into a tour.

ST: Thinking of playing live... Do you have a personal favorite track you like to play live? Is it different sounding from the studio, or do you all keep true to both sides?  
JL:  I really like playing Electro-Mechanical live.  The live versions are fairly true to the studio versions but have more of a raw excitement.

ST: Talk to us about the recent acoustic release "Bleed Me An Ocean".Take us on the road it traveled.
JL:  I took all the stem files from the recording sessions and took out all the guitar and most of the keys.  Joey Connelly (GATA guitarist) and I re-recorded the guitars acoustically, and Joey finished it off nicely with another version of the guitar solo.  Then I remixed and remastered it.

"Bleed Me An Ocean"

ST: Is there normally any band discussion before a song is being recorded that you all go through on how you all wanted to approach and produce?
JL:  Not much, we just go with the flow of the music when it is being made.  We may not use everything that's created but sift through a bunch of files and select which songs we want to pursue in the studio.

ST: What does Gabriel and the Apocalypse have on track for this New Year? And plans coming with more music, a re-release, or remixes perhaps?
JL:  We have put out a couple remixes so far and we have a few more that will be coming out.  We are also working on some new material and hoping for touring to open back up for next year.

ST: How do you feel about Mick Jagger having nasty habits and taking his tea at three? Referring to the song "Live With Me".
JL:  I never really got too into the Stones, I can't say I know the song.

ST: Curious, knowing you have traveled with some pretty cool bands in the industrial world and played... is there a "dream" tour you would love to package?
JL:  Combichrist, 3Teeth, GATA

ST: Sign us off this year with some of your reflective thoughts over 2020.  
JL:  $%@# insert four-letter word of your choosing.  Beyond that try to stay positive and be creative with the time you have.

"Systematic Chaos"