A Conversation with the band: One in the Chamber


Saul Treno: You have had quite a year with One In The Chamber haven't you?

Gerrod Harris: It’s been a wild one. I can’t tell you how many times the plan for the year was

changed but I’d say we managed to have a successful 2020 with the release of “Blow” and

more recently, “To The Gallows”.

ST: Anything during this year that has particularly stood out to you as individuals

and life, how about the music industry and where you all fit in?

Gerrod Harris: I think I can speak for the four of us that we all miss the stage. That being

said, we broke past a number of milestones and we’re beyond proud of how the singles

have turned out and have been received.

Cecil Eugene: As much as this year has kinda sucked for music and playing shows and

stuff, I got a lot of practicing done. You know, you're stuck at home and there's only so

much Netflix you can watch before you go crazy. I really started playing and practicing more

since I had all the free time. 2021 is gonna be a great year to work on all these new ideas

and hopefully get some new songs done and play ‘em live!

Christian Dotto: Gerrod and Cecil hit it right on the nose. We can’t wait to start playing live

shows again, and like Cecil, I’ve also been getting a lot of practicing in. The pandemic has

forced us to adapt quite a bit, but we were very fortunate to have recorded music prior to

everything shutting down.

ST: How has the band managed to keep their sanity and passion going for music

through everything going on?

Cecil Eugene: I've just been listening to a lot of folk and country music. Been practicing a lot

just learned a classical piece the other day which I started learning years ago and I sorta

gave up on. So I'm happy that I had the time to just sit down and spend 8 hours just getting

it down. We still meet for band practice so we’re still jamming away and writing a lot.

Christian Dotto: I’d like to think that this break from playing live has allowed us to take a

step back and really explore how we can be better as a band and as musicians.

ST: You have released two singles only this year, correct? Which song that you have

released so far has been your favorite? Which do you see as representing the bands

direction best?

Gerrod Harris: That’s a tough one - even if you had a favourite child, you’d never tell them. I

think both singles, “Blow” and “To The Gallows”, together represent OITC well - you have

the high octane, kick in the ass riffs from “Blow” alongside the melodic and haunting

dynamics of “To The Gallows”. We can groove just as hard as we can rock.

Cecil Eugene: Yeah that is a tough one. Both songs are very different from each other.

“Blow” is the one I really like to rock out on because, believe it or not, it's actually quite easy

to play. I can sorta just switch my head into auto-pilot and really just enjoy myself on stage.

“To The Gallows” is the opposite where it's a focus driven/pay attention to the feel kinda

song for me. Not that I don't rock out to it, but it requires me to be more present, I guess. It's

such an open song because of its slow feel so there's nowhere to hide if I miss a note.

Christian Dotto: I think “Blow” wins it for me by the teeniest margin. In terms of musical

direction, we’re always striving to push the boundary of our sound and try new things. In “To

The Gallows”, we explore a darker sound and a song structure that we’ve never used

before, and it’s turned out great, so far. That’s one more style we can add to our arsenal of

ideas, moving forward with our music.

ST: Thinking of playing live... Do you have a personal favorite track you like to play

live? Is it different sounding from the studio, or do you all keep true to both sides?

Gerrod Harris: “Crooked Step” from our 2018 EP, I’ve Got Something To Say has a

fantastic groove that just locks in so nicely. “Itchin’ Back” and “Blow” are also a blast to play

and have some opportunities for some massive fills.

Cecil Eugene: “Bills to Pay” is definitely one of my favorites to play live and it's also the first

song we ever wrote. As I mentioned earlier, “Blow” is a real breeze for me so I enjoy just

being able to relax a bit when I play it. On the opposite end, “Something To Say” is the

hardest one for me to play because it has this insane solo that’s all in triplets and everything

is picked. Everytime we put that one on the setlist, I make sure I spend a good 30 mins just

warming up.

Christian Dotto: We’ve been playing “Bills To Pay” since the beginning, but there’s

something about the sheer groove of that song that always gets me going. It’s one of my

favourites to play live, but “Blow” might just take the cake for me. I always try to write bass

parts that are interesting for me to play, and when playing live, it’s a delicate balance of

‘how much can I rock out?’, and ‘how much can I show off?’. “Blow” is a song that gives me

the best of both worlds and it allows me to let loose and rip some crazy runs at the same

time. It’s often the song we end our sets with, as well, and we get great reception from the

audience when we play it.

ST: Talk to us about the recent release "To The Gallows".

Gerrod Harris: “To The Gallows” is a dark and moody song that really feels a touch

experimental for us. We’re definitely branching out and pushing the expectations for both

our audience and ourselves. We’re incredibly grateful for the praise it’s received since its


Cecil Eugene: It's a strange riff that plays on an Eminor7 and an Eminor maj7 clash before

resolving itself. Going into the studio I really had no idea how it was going to turn out, but

after being able to hear everyone's parts clearly, it's become one of my favourite songs to

date. Mike's lyrics are fantastic, Gerrod plays around with the beat which is always exciting

and Chris wrote the best bass line I've ever heard! I also got to record that creepy piano

part which was a spontaneous thing and I'm glad it worked out.

Christian Dotto: Hell yeah, Cecil! I’m really happy with the bass on this song. For “To The

Gallows”, I decided to take a step back and write something that really fed into the

atmosphere of the song. The final product was eerie, pulsating, and suspenseful. It was

perfect! All in all, though, I think Mike really stole the show with his outstanding vocal work

on this song. I remember listening to Mike recording his vocals in the studio and being in

total awe at what I was hearing. It was, really, the first time I’d clearly heard the vocals for

the song and I was immediately captivated. Structurally and musically, “To The Gallows” is

like nothing we’ve ever written before and was a massive departure from our usual sound,

but we’re really loving the track.

ST: The song seems to be very visual.

Cecil Eugene: Yeah that's Mike's lyrics for you. Sexy and creepy.

ST: Late in the year releases can be tough, do you find a better reception to new

music in the states or Canada?

Gerrod Harris: I think winter releases are tougher to promote as winter shows and tours are

harder to bring everyone out as opposed to the summer. That being said, where we can’t

play shows to promote the track, it’s more or less the same from a digital perspective.

We’ve been lucky to have our work received well in both Canada and America; however,

we’ve seen a ton of support from the UK rock community!

ST: Was there any band discussion before the song being recorded that you went

through on how you all wanted to approach and produce your version?

Gerrod Harris: It's a pretty dark, down-tempo track. We all loved it when we wrote it, but we

also - kind of joking, kind of not - agreed it would never be a single - and yet, here we are.

Cecil Eugene: We worked with Murray Daigle who produced our last album and he's such a

smart and incredible producer. The first day we were in the studio he had notes for every

song and when it came to “To The Gallows”, he just kind of said. "I have no idea what you

guys are going for here but we'll just have to see what happens." I think that's really how we

all felt. It was definitely the black sheep of the album and next thing you know it's everyone's

favourite song!

Christian Dotto: Sometimes it only takes a small addition to bring a song to life. For me, in

“To The Gallows”, it was the spontaneous addition of piano after the first chorus and during

the second verse, as well as, the subtle tie-in to I’ve Got Something to Say…’s “Something

To Say”, heard at the end of the song.

ST: What are One In The Chamber on track for this New Year? And plans coming with

a release?

Gerrod Harris: Here’s hoping for a bigger 2021! We’re sitting on some new music that we’re

itching to drop.

Cecil Eugene: I can't wait to get back to playing live! I'm also really excited about all the new

ideas we've been working on. Covid definitely forced us to just write more.

ST: Sign us off this year with some of your reflective thoughts over 2020.

Gerrod Harris: Thank you Saul for having us and shining a spotlight on our music! I hope

everyone is staying well as we enter the new year - I think looking back we can see 2020 as

a learning experience in riding the wave we can’t control and playing the hand you’ve been

dealt the best you can.

Cecil Eugene: It's been a tough year for everyone but we've gotten this far. We love all of you,

stay safe and when this is all over we'll see you at our next show! Let's rock out, grab a few

drinks and party! Cheers!

Christian Dotto: Thank you for having us, Saul! To everyone out there, keep pushing forward,

live in the present, and make the best of every situation. We’re going to get through this

pandemic and when we do, we’re going out for some drinks!