A Conversation with Rue Vox


Saul Treno: Rue you have had quite a year haven't you?

Rue Vox: Haha, I think we all have! 

ST: With your multiple talents, what moved you towards singing?

Rue Vox: Singing has always been there for me, even if it seemed like it was only in the background while “9-5ing” it. After everyone including myself started getting laid off from our full time careers, I guess I just kind of kicked into hustle mode and actually went for it. 

ST: Anything during this year that has particularly stood out to you as individuals and life, how about to the music industry and where you all fit in?

Rue Vox: Yeah, it’s a beautiful thing seeing a lot of people diving into their passions during this time. Whether it’s a spiritual journey or fitness quest or complete career change, whatever it is, I’m so proud of all the people around me embracing these changes and rising above their fears and struggles. As far as the music industry, I’ve taken Music Business and recording and engineering courses in college to understand things from multiple angles. 

ST: How have you managed to keep your sanity and passion going for your artistic pursuits and music through everything going on?

Rue Vox: Surprisingly easily, after getting laid off like so many others, you tend to realize there are really no guarantees or definites in life. After that happened, I leaned into my passions with all I had. 

ST: Thinking of playing live... When the time arrives is there a song you would love to perform live? 

Rue Vox: After this year any song will do, I wouldn't even mind singing the baby shark song live! 

ST: Talk to us about the recent release "River".

Rue Vox: I absolutely adore Bishop Briggs’ modern soulful sound and wanted to sing this song ever since I first heard it! I just wanted to make sure I did it justice; It’s a favourite of mine and it just seemed to take on a life of its own and it slowly evolved into a cool electro alt rock sound.

ST: Although a cover, you seem to bring the song to a point of being very visual.

Rue Vox: Thank you so much, that was definitely what we were going for!  It’s such a great song already, and a lot of fun to perform.

ST: Late in the year releases can be tough, what made you decide now was the time?

Rue Vox: Man, this year honestly kinda through the rule book out the window for a lot of industries. I guess it’s more like “What better time than now?!”

ST: How did you approach song production and video making?

Rue Vox: I’m fortunate enough to have amazing team around me to work with on all aspects and I just trust the process. 

ST: Rue what are you on track for this New Year? And plans coming with a release?

Rue Vox: So excited! I have an entire album coming out next year, single by single. 

ST: Sign us off this year with some of your reflective thoughts over 2020.

Rue Vox: Bats are friends, not food.