Christmas Tunes From: Testarossa, Abby K, EverGlaze, Mitchel Evan, and Lovella


TLG Entertainment/INgrooves present:
A TLG Christmas with Lovella, Mitchel Evan, Abby K, EverGlaze, and Testarossa.

Lovella Releases "Mary, Did You Know?"
with TLG Entertainment/INgrooves
"This has been a particularly hard year for people and we wanted to bring some holiday spirit with one of our favorite Christmas Hymns! This song, "Mary, Did You Know?", really seems to strike a chord with people and we were inspired to share our version hoping to lift some spirits during the holiday season!

This is our favorite time of year! We love singing Christmas songs; they bring a nostalgic feeling that truly can change a bad mood in seconds! We love this time of year so much that we decorate the inside of our house and the tree all in October!
We also got engaged on Christmas Eve which makes this season even more special for the both of us!" - Lovella
"Mary, Did You Know?"
Mary, Did You Know? by Lovella (Visualizer)
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Mitchel Evan Releases "What Comes After" and
"Coming Home For Christmas" with TLG Entertainment/INgrooves
'“What Comes After" is a song about entering a new relationship while anticipating its eventual demise, perhaps because past experiences have led me to believe that relationships don’t last. They all go to shit eventually. It’s like adopting a new puppy and thinking about the fact that someday it’s going to die and you are going to have to mourn that death. It’s pretty morbid and maybe even self-manifesting - to expect something to fail even when it shows promising success.”'

“Coming Home For Christmas" is a medley of an original song of mine and Nat King Cole’s “The Christmas Song”. I wanted to challenge myself to write an original Christmas song that felt honest and personal and not cliche while also paying homage to one of the great Holiday songs.

The Holiday season for me is about a lot of different things. It is a time to connect with family and friends, for coming together. It is a time for cooking and cuddling and building fires. But most importantly, it is a time for giving - to be of service to those around you and to help the less fortunate. And it is no coincidence that this is the time of year for that, because the winter is hard and cold and barren. Those without means could freeze or starve without the kindness and generosity of the more privileged. It is a time to give the most precious thing we have and that is time itself - to give and expect nothing in return.”' - Mitchel Evan
"What Comes After"
What Comes After by Mitchel Evan (Live at Go West)
"Coming Home For Christmas"
Coming Home for Christmas - Mitchel Evan
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Abby K Releases "Christmas (Baby Please Come Home)"
with TLG Entertainment/INgrooves
'"Christmas (Baby Please Come Home)" is one of my favorite Christmas songs! Anytime I get a chance to perform a Christmas song, this is the one I pick!

I absolutely love Christmas everything! It truly is the most wonderful time of the year. My favorite thing to do around Christmas time is decorate the house with my family and watch as many Christmas movies as possible. I was due to be born on Christmas so I have always loved the holiday!"'
- Abby K
"Christmas (Baby Please Come Home)"
Christmas (Baby Please Come Home) - Abby K
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EverGlaze Release "neXtMAS"
with TLG Entertainment/INgrooves
 "Lyrically, it's been a rough year and all you want for Christmas is to be with the people you love so that's the message we wanted to share. The holiday season means creating life-long memories with friends and family. It's the one time of the year when we can not focus on the everyday burdens of life and just be thankful for the people we are with. It's not so much what we get but what/who we have that we're able to be surrounded by. Please stay safe and we will see you soon." - EverGlaze
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Testarossa "Merry Christmas (Praise The Lord)
with TLG Entertainment/INgrooves
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