A Conversation with The Sacred


Saul Treno: How was your last year?
Zakk DuBois: Our last year has been extremely productive, despite the adversity of the year. In a year where everything slowed down, we really had a chance to increase our momentum.

ST: Anything during the year particularly stood out to you as individuals and life, how about the music industry and where you all fit in?
Danielle Hennerberg: We've had an amazing year. The biggest achievement to come out of this year has been the completion of our debut album, "Garuda". Despite the slow year, Nashville continues to find a way forward, and we've been fortunate to be part of it through live streams, smaller live shows, and an amazing amount of networking.

ST: How did you all manage to keep your sanity and passion going for music through everything going on?
Trent Jones: We get together regularly. We've had the ability to do music videos, promotions, rehearsals, and everything besides play live shows in 2020. We're so fortunate to be together as a band nearly every week to make music.

ST: You have recently released your first song, how has that been going?
Danielle Hennerberg: Getting traction as a new band, playing new music, and releasing it can be a challenge. "All Right" has seen a lot of positive feedback from everyone who hears it. We're still pushing to find our fans and we're so excited to continue pushing "All Right"

 ST: Talk to us more about the recent release "All Right".
Trent Jones: This was our first time getting to shoot a music video as a band, and releasing the single along with it has been huge. Despite the slow year, and slow goings "All Right" is still going strong in our camp.

 ST: What are The Sacred on track for this New Year? And plans coming with a release?
Ethan Gilbert: We've got a lot up our sleeves in the new year. We just finished up a wildly successful Kickstarter campaign - which means we'll be finishing our album and releasing a whole new set of songs to the world. 

ST: Sign us off this year with some of your reflective thoughts over 2020.
Zakk DuBois: In a year that truly tested the spirit and passion of the musician, we truly proved to ourselves what we do matters to us. No matter how high the cards get stacked against us, we always find a way to push through the adversity as a band and as a family. For that - I am truly grateful for my bandmates. I couldn't do this without them.