Timber Choir Release Single "Initials"


Folk Duo
Timber Choir
Release Nostalgic Single “Initials”
Stream Here
Today, Nashville folk duo Timber Choir release their new single, “Initials.” Stream here. The nostalgic track, which follows previous single “Right Beside Me,” will be featured on the band’s upcoming EP, due out later this year. The duo shares:

“Each of us carries a unique collection of memories, full of happiness, sadness, joys and trials. The cumulative effect of years gone by has shaped, formed, and molded us into who we are today. How do you let go of the heavier things, though - the failures, mistakes, missed opportunities, regrets? As time goes by, these experiences can be viewed through a new perspective; instead of seeing them as isolated incidences, they are contained by and connected to everything that happens after. From this vantage point, each experience ultimately carries great value, shaping us into who we are today and who we are yet becoming. Like an old tree standing in the middle of the forest, displaying visible evidence of wet seasons and dry seasons, storms, fires and freezes, we are still standing, and we are still growing.”
Timber Choir is an indie-folk musical collaboration between longtime friends Adam Sams and Brendan St. Gelais. Characterized by thoughtful acoustic layering and intricate vocal textures, the songs are lyrical snapshots of daily life. Timber Choir is a celebration of the slower pace – finding fulfillment in enduring relationships and shared place.
Timber Choir's roots run deep in the Nashville music scene. St. Gelais has worked at Paul Moak’s studio The Smoakstack in Nashville for several years producing, mixing and engineering music for popular artists such as Lucy Dacus, Bre Kennedy, Carver Commodore and more. St. Gelais and Sams are also songwriters at Soundstripe, a Nashville-based licensing company providing unlimited, royalty-free music for video, podcasts, and other media.

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