Gabriel and the Apocalypse Release Their Remix of "threePOINT"


"I really enjoy this take on the song "pointTHREE" which already had elements of a remix kind of sound in the original.  T I M E L I N E S really captured a unique angle in this version of the song." Jake LaCore

INDUSTRIAL ROCK BAND GABRIEL and the APOCALYPSE have released their third installment of remixes; their single/video "threePOINT" from their forthcoming EP remix - Alpha Transcendence (Pre-Order NOW. Release date 2/25). Having worked with some of the best musicians out there, GATA decided during this interim period of not being able to tour, that an EP session of remixes would be innovative and creative. Giving a rebirth to what their fans already love. Meanwhile, this has also given the band time to write new material for 2021 and continue to design a game plan during this odd period of music history.

Undoubtedly, working with T I M E L I N E S on this remix for "threePOINT" created the right vibe. Pairing well with the video everything came together to give a well-sorted unison out of the glitchy chaos.





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