Interview with Chris Watt of Fire Follows


Saul Treno: How has 2021 kicked off for you? Is the music path looking clearer?

Chris Watt: It's been great man. Just working on new music, and continuing to release a few songs that were planned for 2019. The music path is anything but clear at the moment, but that's nothing new, we just want to keep cranking out amazing music that people love.

ST: Introduce us to each band member: 

Chris Watt: So at the moment, it's essentially me, Tim Yunker (Secondary Vocals) and Emily Gould (Drums), as well as my brother Tyler Watt when I need some extra help with some backing/scream vox. We may very well add a member or two this year, but that is TBD.

ST: Your female drummer is phenomenal. How did you all connect?

Chris Watt: Yes she is!!! Emily is amazing. I met her many years ago here in Colorado Springs, but it hasn't been until the last couple of years we've been able to work together. She's been involved in a ton of other touring projects, and I was just stoked she was interested in jumping in on the FF project with me.

ST: What are some of the goals you have set forth for you and your music this year?

Chris Watt: I wish I could be more specific, but everything is still so up in the air... We just want to keep cranking out music people love and be ready to tour when the opportunity presents itself. Fingers crossed 2021 starts to normalize sooner than later.

ST: Last year was tough without shows and touring how has the band managed to keep their sanity and passion going for music through everything going on?

Chris Watt: Fortunately, FF started as a solo studio project for me, so from that perspective, not much has changed. I think we just all feel like we really have something here with this new music, and want to be prepared when the world gets going again with live shows.

ST: Thinking of playing live... Do you have a personal favorite track you like to play live? Is it different sounding from the studio, or do you all keep true to both sides?

Chris Watt: We've been dialing all that in, and while we will be running backtracks for some of the synth elements, we want to keep it as close to the recordings as possible. Having said that, it's always fun to change things up a bit for the live shows.
ST: Talk to us about the recent release "Glass Grenade".

Chris Watt: Glass Grenade is just a really good indication of where we want to head with Fire Follows. It's definitely still hard rock/nu-metal, but it utilizes elements from so many genres, it lets us get incredibly creative and expressive within a sub 3:00 song. 

ST: The song seems to be very visual.

Chris Watt: Ya for sure. I actually listen to a lot of country music and absolutely love the storytelling aspects of that genre. FF is obviously not country, but I really want the lyrics to elicit compelling imagery in the listeners' minds.

ST: How did you all go about recording during this time and what about creating the video?

Chris Watt: I do all of the production/recording here at my house in Colorado Springs, and it has really evolved into much more than just a home studio in the last few years. It's set up perfectly for this project specifically.  The video was done by Kreation Films in Denver, CO. Jason Leeper is awesome, and has done all of our video work thus far... def check them out!

ST: How do you and the band approach writing and recording? Is it a joint effort or a one-person job?

Chris Watt: To this point, it's been just me mostly, but as we keep going... Emily has definitely started having a massive influence on the drum parts, and Tim has started to bring his own flavor to some of the verse/bridge sections. We're all looking forward to it being more of a collaborative effort moving forward.

ST: Which bands would you say are relative in sound to Fire Follows?

Chris Watt: I've always thought of it as Heavy Melodic Rock, so bands like Breaking Benjamin, Papa Roach, From Ashes to New, etc... have been huge influences, and are definitely in the same wheelhouse.

ST: Can you tell us what Fire Follows has planned?

Chris Watt: Right now it's just to keep making as much great music we can, and stay prepared to hopefully still do some touring in 2021! Fingers crossed!