Adam Ezra Group


(Photo Credit: Michael Sparks Keegan)

“[Adam Ezra Group] has gone to great lengths to preserve the inclusive environment that has driven their dynamic for over a decade” - Billboard
Over the course of the last year, Adam Ezra Group has streamed more than 22,000 minutes, performed over 2,500 songs, and garnered nearly 13 million views with their daily livestream called The Gathering Series, sponsored by Iron Smoke Whiskey. Tonight, the band will mark a monumental feat with Gathering 365, their 365th consecutive stream - PRESS HERE to tune in at 7pm ET/4PM PT.

Initially created as a way to connect with people to feel less lost and scared during difficult times at the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, Ezra turned to livestreaming with his first digital show on March 13, 2020 and returned every single night. Driven by a belief that small grassroots communities have the power to impact the world, The Gathering Series’ daily livestream stands as a testament not only to Ezra’s artistic endurance, but also his ability to provide an accepting and supportive space for newcomers to join his tight-knit community of fans. Through his own harrowing battle with COVID, a move to the Mojave Desert, a socially distanced summer tour with over 50 performances around the country, and even his wedding day, Ezra never missed a performance, broadcasting without fail from wherever he found himself each night at 7pm ET.

In celebration of Gathering 365, Adam Ezra Group have released fan favorite track, “Switching To Whiskey,” which has been highly requested during the band’s livestreams. Co-written by Clint Daniels, the track is an honest, stripped-down glance at vulnerable moments swirling in a glass of whiskey laden with heartbreak and embodied by Ezra’s raw yet powerful vocals. PRESS HERE to listen/stream and PRESS HERE to check out the premiere on American Songwriter.

"We play hundreds of songs out on the road, and never perform the same concert twice. Until 'Switching to Whiskey' came along, we had never before witnessed an unreleased song filter through our fanbase and seemingly overnight become one of our most requested songs. I love the way this studio track came out and can't wait to release it to our fans around the world at Gathering 365," shares Ezra about the new track. “Being on this journey with our gatherers has been the greatest honor of my career. It continues to inspire me every day, even on the hard days, and constantly reinforces my belief that music has the power to bring people together and see us through our greatest challenges."

“Switching To Whiskey” is the latest release part of Adam Ezra Group’s ambitious new recording series dubbed The Album Project which will see the band releasing 19 new singles over the next few years, trading in the traditional LP format for a steady flow of fresh material designed to keep their ever-expanding community active and engaged even beyond the pandemic. The endeavor kicked off last month with the release of “All Right Today,” an effervescent, feel-good track which is an ode to putting one foot in front of the other, to living in the moment, and leaning on one another to get through our hardest times - PRESS HERE to listen/stream.

Working outside the confines of the traditional music industry, Adam Ezra and his bandmates – Corinna Smith (fiddle), Alex Martin (drums), Poche Ponce (bass) - built a community of fans through sheer grit and determination, regularly performing hundreds of shows a year for the past two decades without any major label or mainstream radio support. Fusing folk intimacy and rock energy with soul power and pop charm, the band first emerged from Boston in the early 2000s and quickly garnered widespread acclaim for their bold, insightful songwriting and interactive, euphoric performances. From hole in the wall bars and house concerts to sold-out headline shows and dates with the likes of Little Big Town, The Wallflowers, Gavin DeGraw, Train, and The Wailers, Ezra and his bandmates treated every single gig like their last, attracting a die-hard following that believed not just in the music, but in their commitment to activism and social change, as well.