Awaken Releases Their Album 'Monsters & Machines


"I'm blown away by Machines & Monsters! This record boasts nothing but stellar tracks. It sounds amazing and has a ton of heart. The band's catalog is impressive, but this is some of their best work. No one sounds like Awaken.....and that's all there is to it." 
- Josh Bramlett, The Protest

“Awaken’s mix of techno-industrial rock infused with melody and delivered with conviction is the welcome kick to the head that Christian rock radio didn’t know it needed. Monsters & Machines brings the best elements of 80s era Depeche Mode and The Cure up to modern times and will surely have a spot on my best of 2021 when it’s all said and done.”
-Dave Bumgarner Host & Producer of Crossroad Radio on WBFJ-FM