Hard Rock Band - Pardon the Scars Release "Caged Inside"


"We are who we are. We are all flawed. We are the scarred."
- Pardon the Scars

Hailing from the Florida panhandle, Pardon The Scars deliver a tapestry of melodic, aggressive hard rock with infectious melodies and arrangements. Their sonic signature is a blend of alternative, progressive and Nu-Metal, seamlessly interwoven with their modern hard rock attack. Pardon the Scars puts every ounce of themselves into not only their songwriting but their live performance as well. Such dedication to their craft is evidence that pain can transcend into something more - a perfectly imperfect hard rock band known as Pardon The Scars.

James Tangman-Lead Vocals/ Guitar 
Brian Bauman- Guitar/ Backing Vocals 
Steven Godbey- Bass 
Bryan Norris- Drums