"Can't Get You Out Of My Head" Fire Follows


"Can't Get You Out Of My Head" is an anthemic, hard-rock ballad style song from Fire Follows. The utilization of heavy scream elements, in addition to the piano/string/orchestral components, make this a truly unique and compelling track for the rising nu-metal band. The lyrical message centers around the torment and angst one can face after suffering tremendous loss. The opening lines in the chorus read, "I can't get you out of my head - In spite of the monster you are", illuminating the tug of war that is often associated with loss and letting go. - Chris Watt

Mixed by Phil Anderson at Audio by Phil Anderson https://www.philsmix.com/

Mastered by Maor Appelmaum at Maor Appelbaum Mastering - California - U.S.A. https://maorappelbaum.com/

Video Production by Jason Leeper at Kreation Films https://kreationfilms.com/