boyband Announces New Project never knows best Out June 18 via Dirty Hit


Grammy nominated producer/creator boyband has announced his sophomore release never knows best, out June 18 via Dirty Hit. Today boyband also unleashed the tenacious second single from the project “by myself” which magnifies how quickly dependency can send a blossoming relationship into a toxic and destructive spiral –
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Driven by an abrupt wall of sound made by snarling guitars and jittery synths, “by myself” has a frenzied and frantic atmosphere that parallels the apprehension and anxiety the narrator experiences following an unexpected breakup. The track highlights boyband’s commitment to use never knows best to normalize the conversations regarding self-worth and mental health through his music. 
by myself” follows “fooly cooly,” the project’s first single, which zooms in on the the complicated feelings associated with growing up through the lens of troubled FLCL character Mamimi Samejima, navigating the personality, mentality, and psyche of the pessimistic anime persona, who inspired the philosophical title of boyband’s new project by scribbling never knows best on her cigarette.
Highlighting how FLCL creator Kazuya Tsurumaki’s troubled character shoulders her depression, her toxic home life, and the rejection she feels when her ex-boyfriend abandons her to chase his dreams of professional baseball, boyband uses his lyrics to speak candidly about depression and the intense experiences of indifference, despondency, and social fatigue often felt by young adults.  
The exploration of Mamimi’s character arch isn’t the first time that anime has stirred boyband to create. “death note” (feat. Billy Martin of Good Charlotte) – which appeared on his emotionally charged, 10-track project,alone in a boyband  was influenced by the 37-episode anime series and manga series of the same name.  
Like the art that inspired them, “fooly cooly” and “death note,” and never knows best, use deeply profound storytelling to expand and normalize the conversation surrounding the trouble spots in society experienced by teens today. The intimate and unique connections between boyband and hisfans hasallowed him to create a community-like platform through his songs, like "tattoo," “realtree” and "big face” (ft.Mike Kinsella), where fans can bond as they transition from teenagers into independent adults. 
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