New England, USA - Symphonic Metal band Anaria has released their single/video cover version of "Alone" originally done by the '80s icon rockers, Heart. Taking the measure of what female empowerment means, Anaria brought forward that same element of strength, intelligence, and sex appeal that only lead vocalist Jessica Jackson-Salvucci can do. Powerful vocals that transcend words into swelling lyrical notes of indomitable allurement. The vocal presence in "Alone" is strikingly executed in Anaria's own unique way while embracing each band member's talents throughout in spectacular and notable performance. Anaria through their own artistic branding and video presentation owns this song and it is remarkable.
Anaria "Alone" Hard Rock Cover
"We took a poll on Facebook in February presenting our fans with four different songs we were thinking about covering: "E.T." by Katy Perry; "Legends Never Die" by League of Legends; "Jar of Hearts" by Christina Perry; and "Alone" popularized by Heart. All of these are dynamite tracks that we not only love but could see ourselves reinterpreting in our style. The majority of our fanbase selected "Alone." Whenever we work on a cover, we like to give our own spin while paying homage to the original artist. In the case of "Alone," we took what Heart did with their arrangement and translated it into something which celebrates the rocker girl spirit of the '80s with new-age symphonic and production elements. We also wanted to highlight each band member with their own creative performance. As self-produced artists, it was both challenging and fun to film our version (and very cold!)" - Anaria