Aseity Feat. Taylor Barber New Single/Video "Silent Whispers"

 "Silent Whispers"- "Being raised in the south, I experienced a lot of oppression from males. I've fought sexism most of my life (more so as an adult.) I was always told that my opinions don't matter because I'm a woman, and oftentimes treated disrespectfully. I had this issue in all of my relationships, jobs, and even now in the metal industry. Women don't get the same respect socially and professionally that men do, and I wanted to address it." - Monica

"Both Monica and Taylor approached this song with an aggressive, heavy, and straight to the point approach." - Robert Volkoff

Mixed and mastered by Daniel Gailey
(Phinehas/Fit For A King)

Tracked by Robert Volkoff
(Renewing Music Studios)

Lyrics by Monica Soe and Taylor Barber
(Left to Suffer)

Music written by Robert Volkoff
Drums written by Shane Smith
(Fractured Frames)

Lyric video by Josiah Brand

Video filmed by Robert Volkoff and Roy Beatty