Interview with Blake Webb of Testarossa and Their New Single "Knocking Outside Your Door"


Randy Stillwater: Who is Testarossa and what does your band bring to the table when it comes to sound and meaning?

Blake Webb: We are a rock band who is not reinventing the wheel but rather keeping the wheels rolling.  Four guys; myself, Jordan West, Colten Bell, and Buddy Radford.  We celebrate life and the fun you can have living it.  You can go elsewhere for your sad songs, we have enough of that already!  We want to give people permission to people to let loose and celebrate with us.

Randy Stillwater: Is North Carolina ready to get going again in the music scene?  

Blake Webb: Things are slowly returning to normal.  What a long, strange trip this last year or so has been.  Ready or not, we are ready to give it to ya!  And we have some fresh tunes & a killer live show coming soon to bring back some sort of normalcy.

Randy Stillwater: What inspires you about the scene you have in the area?

Blake Webb: We are inspired by the people around us who didn’t stop making art during a scary time, the people who supported artists through merchandise sales and virtual concerts when they couldn’t get a ticket to a live show.  We are incredibly fortunate to have so many loyal, awesome people in our corner!

Randy Stillwater: Your new single "Knocking Outside Your Door" has a great message. Can you talk to us about its origin?

Blake Webb: Ten years ago, my brother Justin Webb told me on our way to high school about a guy he picked up walking down the road the day before.  It was raining and this guy looked like he was not having a great time walking to work in the weather.  He got in the car, said thanks and was dead silent.  My brother being the awesome guy he is, took him to a gas station and bought him a soda & a candy bar, and proceeded to take him to work down the road.  When he pulled up to his workplace, the guy pulled out a pistol from his bag and looked solemnly at my brother and said “I was about to go in there and kill myself... but dude you really were so nice to me and it really made my day... I can’t thank you enough.  Thanks.”  He put away his gun and went in to work.  I was 15 at the time and I was appalled because we live in a time where this individual easily could have taken my brothers life and anyone else in his way.  Because people do horrendous stuff like that these days.  So I never forgot about that, how could you?  When I first joined Testarossa, I was on a bout where I would tell that story often because you never know the impact your small acts of kindness can have on someone.  Basically, if you go out into the world acting in love, you’re guaranteed to make the world a better place.  And you just might rock someone’s world in the way you need it.  Colten felt the impact of the story and came in next time we got together with the song written to tell this story in a way that people can relate.  None of us know what’s been knocking outside anyone else’s door.

Randy Stillwater: What do you hope people walk away with after hearing it?

Blake Webb: We hope it reminds people to be patient, kind, and loving to each other when we within arms reach of each other.  After all, we are all on the same team here.  The least we could do is help each other live our most beautiful life.  Some of us really need to be reminded there are good, loving people out there.

Randy Stillwater: Who all came together to work on this single and will you be working again on the next project?

Blake Webb:  The four of us in the band really got on the same page and made this masterpiece.  We record with Joe Potts & Shaun Singerling at JP Audio Labs, who was phenomenal in capturing the feeling of the song.  And yes, absolutely.  We are incredibly fortunate to have these guys on our side.

Randy Stillwater: Does "Knocking Outside Your Door" define your sound musically?

Blake Webb: If by that you mean great guitar solos and memorable choruses that clock you in the face with a nasty right hook, I would say yes.

Randy Stillwater: Will there be an eventual EP? What might your fans expect from it, any surprises to come to your fans at all?
Blake Webb: Yes!  Late For The Party, a full-length album comes to all streaming platforms in August.  If you like being pleasantly surprised, you must grab a vinyl record.  We have art for every single song on the album, inserts, and all the fun stuff you’d want to experience a rock album the way they ought to be.  Fans can expect great songs to bring them up!  Whether that be drinking a beer by the pool with all your rowdy friends or the soundtrack of your best road trip ever, we have the goods for you.

Randy Stillwater: Over the years who have been some of your favorite music acts that have influenced you as musicians?

Blake Webb: Speaking for myself, Kiss has been the greatest influence on me as an artist.  Nobody in the business does it bigger than they do.  They write songs that are unforgettable and fun.  Packed with a performance that is also unforgettable.  We have been deeply inspired by the greats before us!

Randy Stillwater: As the world becomes “normal” again what are a few things you a ready to get back into?

Blake Webb:  Packed venues and rental vans.  I think that the people are ready to get back outside of their homes and celebrate life with us again.  Streaming music where and whenever is nice, but nothing can substitute a live rock show.

Randy Stillwater: Have you guys talked about shows/tours and if so any dates or special events you want to share with the readers?

Blake Webb:  We have some stuff in the works we can’t quite speak about yet, but yes!  We have a date in Raleigh, NC in late July to get this machine going again. 

Randy Stillwater: How would you define your sound? More hard rock, classic rock, raw rock?

Blake Webb: Our sound is like an apparatus we all know and love, sometimes it’s hard... sometimes it’s soft but it never fails to deliver.  We have music for fans of all genres of rock from the old-school to the new stuff.  Quite simply, we are rock hard.

Randy Stillwater: How has it been working with The Label Group and what are your plans with them for your future?

Blake Webb: Besides being an absolute blessing, it’s been an absolute blast.  We have some stuff coming soon we can’t quite yet talk about however I can say that TLG is helping us get our music in your ear holes and your friends’ ear holes and their friends’ ear holes... they are just awesome people!

Randy Stillwater: Where can we find out more about Testarossa and the best place to follow you would be?

Blake Webb:  Follow us on Facebook & Instagram @TestarossaRocks.  We will rock if you roll on over to us.  You can hit us on TikTok under the same name if you want to see some shenanigans.  We have some singles online on all your favorite streaming platforms, follow us on Spotify and Apple Music.  Follow our YouTube under the same name to see the music video for Knockin’ Outside your door and our debut video “Mother Lover” featuring Danny Worsnop of Asking Alexandria/We Are Harlot.  We have a plethora of other content there as well.  We are just getting started!