Interview with Monica Soe Lead Vocalist of Metal band Aseity


Raquel Thompson: "Silent Whispers" inspired these questions, so thank you.
Reflecting back on your music career, what have been some of the most challenging things you have had to face and overcome as a female in a metal band? 

Monica Soe: I think so far the most challenging thing I've had to face is the unintentional sexism in the music industry. They don't do it on purpose, I don't think, but people just don't take me seriously. They think I'm a joke or something. Honestly, I'm more serious than a lot of male-fronted bands because I'm doing this as a career and business, while those bands may just do it as a hobby or "just cause."

Raquel Thompson: Have you ever had to deal with any circumstances that made you feel uncomfortable and maybe unfair in the music industry because you were a woman? 

Monica Soe: All the time, simply because I'm a female I absolutely HAVE to sound like some other female in order to have any relevance. Men don't go through that. Another thing is that women have to measure up to certain expectations that men don't. If my hair is messy or my makeup isn't perfect, then I'm disgusting. 

Raquel Thompson: Tell us some of the most powerful moments you have experienced as a female in this industry.

Monica Soe: Honestly, it's every time I meet someone that truly believes in me. Whether it's a fan, my guitarist, or a new business partner. For example, my new producer is extremely excited to work with me, so much so that he makes time to talk to me, is extremely professional, and easy for me to get a hold of, and that's something I haven't really had before. He's happy he gets to work with a frontwoman!

Raquel Thompson: Who do you go to when you need advice on your music, stage presence, or handling different scenarios? 

Monica Soe: My guitarist and business partner, Rob. He's been in the industry for a long time, and he's got my back on everything. 

Raquel Thompson: What advice would you give other young women who may be thinking about being in a rock or metal band.

Monica Soe: Just go for it. I think things are slowly changing and the industry is starting to slowly gain more respect for women. Regardless, it's your dream, no one can make it come true except for yourself.

Raquel Thompson: Do you have a favorite song Aseity has recorded and why is it your favorite?

Monica Soe: I actually don't have a favorite song, but I have favorite parts of each song. What makes a part my favorite can either be the lyrical content in that section, or the way I sing it, or a combination of both. For example, in "Silent Whispers" I sing "I've compromised my beliefs, and I'm sick of it all. I've lost my morality, so I'm gonna be bold," that's my favorite part because of both the lyrics and the way I execute it.

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