Chris Timbers Releases New Single “Why Can’t We”


Alternative Rock Soul Singer

Chris Timbers

Releases New Single

“Why Can’t We” 

From Upcoming Album Don’t Mind The Rain out August 20, 2021


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(New York, NY - July 2, 2021) It’s been said “To improve is to change; to be perfect is to change often." Alternative rock soul singer Chris Timbers mirrors similar sentiments in his latest single, “Why Can’t We.” Written as a personal musical reminder by Timbers and mastered by world renowned engineer Ryan Smith (AC/DC, Bob Dylan, Coldplay), the rock-influenced track captures the essence that no matter what path someone is on, they can always switch gears towards a better, more prosperous path. “Why Can’t We" is set to be released on all digital platforms Friday, July 2, 2021.

Born the son of a Virginia-based Gospel singer, from an early age Chris Timbers has had an appreciation of music. After gaining nationwide traction, praise and rave reviews with his popular blues band, Less Traveled, Timbers decided to venture into an equally successful solo career. On his road to success, the musician ran into legal troubles that halted his musical career but not his creativity. Using his time spent away to sharpen and nurture his craft, the soulful singer began to create music centered on self-reflection and perseverance. His upcoming album, Don’t Mind The Rain, scheduled to be released on August 20th, will showcase the  musician’s progression and highlight his views on the current state of the world.

Be sure to check out “Why Can’t We" on all music streaming platforms Friday, July 2, 2021. Follow Chris Timbers on social media for musical updates and exclusives.
More About Chris Timbers

At the age of 9, Timbers picked up the guitar and never looked back. He formed the North Virginia-based blues band, Less Traveled, in 1994, with himself as the frontman and lead songwriter. The band found success with their self-produced album, Nobody, which developed their following and led to multiple touring opportunities. After sharing the stage with acts such as Agents of Good Roots, Merl Saunders (Jerry Garcia Band), and Tim Reynolds (Dave Matthews Band and TR3), Timbers began to gain recognition and success as a songwriter.

After a run into legal troubles, Timbers had to halt his accelerating career and spend some years away in a federal detention facility. This time allowed him to realize his need for self-reinvention, focusing on the positive in life but using his past to propel him forward. 

On his return to Virginia, Timbers had a renewed sense of purpose and direction. His first solo album, Keep Moving, highlighted his self-reflection and journey while showcasing Timbers’s diverse writing styles and sound. This summer, Chris Timbers will release his first solo album in three years, Don’t Mind The Rain. 

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