Interview with the band Love The Hate

 Talk about how music has influenced you each individually in your daily living.

Doc: I am constantly thinking about music. I carry a notebook to write down any thoughts/lyric ideas,

and my phone is full of audio recordings of me humming melody ideas. If anyone ever found my phone

they would think I was a crazy person. Haha.

Marshall: Music has always been a part of my daily life. At some point early on, I started 

making time in my day to devote to music; whether it be playing, listening or just 

learning about it. Eventually that turned into higher learning and performing.

Leon: Music has been one of the few constants in my life, and I'm always hearing new riffs or lyric ideas

in my head. I think music is the most important and moving art form in the world with its ability to

invoke strong emotion. If you are down ,find the right song and all is right in the world again it's an

amazing healer 

Troy: Music has a daily influence on my life in a multitude of ways.  Take my personality, for instance,

every time I am having a bad day, I can simply turn on a song that I really enjoy and instantly that bad

turns to a better one.  Same applies to when I am having a stressful moment in life as well, it instantly

has a very calming effect on my mind and body. These are just a couple of ways that music has

influenced me in my daily living.

Frank: I find music in everything as it has become a part of me.

Where do you each find yourselves listening to music most often?

Doc: In my car.  I live in a rural area in Mississippi, so I have at least a 30-minute commute to work,

practice, shopping, etc. I also work in a sports bar/music venue, so I am constantly listening to music there

as well.

Marshall: My Car

Leon: I find my self listening to it everywhere honestly, the car obviously but also at home with you tube

or even in video games music is everywhere and is a constant at my house.

Troy: I find myself listening to music honestly throughout my whole day, unless it is something that

requires me to be without it for a certain moment.  But if I had to pick a really specific place, I would

have to go with it when I am a long drive by myself

Frank: In the car on the way home.

What are your favorite brands to use when it comes to the instruments, mics, amps, pedals and so

on? Why do you favor them?

Doc: I do a lot of writing on acoustic guitars, and Alvarez has always been first choice. For me the tone

and playabilty are perfect. I have used several different mics over the years, but the Sennheiser E835

microphone is the one that I always reach for. It is very transparent, and has just a touch of mid-range

boost that realy allows my voice to cut through and sit well in a mix. I have both the wired and wireless

versions of that mic.

Marshall: Fender – They make the EVH series of amps and pedals that are amazing. Their 

guitars are not bad either.

PRS, Musicman and Ibanez guitars

HEADRUSH – This pedal board has seriously upped our stage performance and space. Still learning it.

Leon: Schecter basses not only are their bass guitars great quality and great feeling to play, but I also

happen to be left-handed. When it comes to getting quality instruments most lefty's have to do it blind

we can't go into a music store and pick up and play most of the time we just have to rely on reviews and

hope for the best when buying something and with schecter I know I have quality every time and a wide

variety as they offer almost all their models in left handed as well which is rare and is awesome for

players like me. Darkglass Electronics is amazing as well the sound and tone I can get from my alpha

omega is amazing and I feel I've found my forever amp with dark glass.

Troy: Oh man.. Favorite brands to use.  Currently I am using Mapex Drums as my go to for all things

drum-related.  When it comes to cymbals, I just hooked up with this really Awesome company named

CENTENT cymbals.  I came across them through by becoming friends on Facebook with their CEO from

the USA branch of the company, Mr. Arthur Stonez.  I just watched for a few months and saw all of the

great things they are doing for their artist, and customers. Once I saw how great they truly are, I knew I

wanted to jump on board and give them a go myself.  I am hoping to one day soon,  to join their artist

roster. To all of you other drummers out there, do yourself a big favor, and check out what they have to

offer :). When it comes to drum heads, my go to on those are Evans drumheads of course.  And last but

not least we get to the drumsticks. On drumsticks, I just recently got hooked up with a new up and

coming company, called ingrained instruments as one of their first artists on their roster… we are

currently working on my prototypes for my signature drumsticks, they will be available sometime later

this year.

Frank: I love Jackson guitars and my Headrush pedalboard. I have played on Jacksons since my friend let

me borrow his back in the day, and have been hooked ever since. Headrush for ease of use, tone

capability, and easy set up.

Talk about your current project. Its conception. How it evolved. The storyline behind its development

or any anecdotes that may have occurred during the writing/recording process? 

Doc: "Solid Ground" was a reimagining of "Could Have Known" a song that was very popular with our

fans. We were all a little apprehensive about changing that song too much, but Chris Dawson and Jimmy

Beattie really helped us transform that song into something really special. I couldn't be happier with the finished product!

Marshall: I joined Love the Hate a few years ago starting out as a sound guy for them on 

occasions and finally being asked to play guitar. Been writing and recording ever 


Leon: Solid Ground for me is a song about loss, being hurt and the emotions that come with that, and

the internal monologue of how they are processed. We went to Aphotic studios to record with Chris

Dawson and Jimmy Beattie and couldn't be happier with how it turned out.

Troy: My current project (Love The Hate) has been an evolving project over the last 6 years.  It has

definitely had its fair share of ups and downs through the process. I believe the rest of the guy’s will be

able to elaborate more into that, as I just came into the band in late January.  But from then, until now I

can say without a doubt that I have enjoyed every single moment so far, and really looking forward to

what the future holds for the 5 of us.

Frank: Im pret'ty sure the other guys can answer this one better than me. 

Where there any conflicts during the recording process? If so, how did you as a band overcome them,

if not what do you think is Another Days Armor formula to gel so well?

Doc: The recording process was pretty smooth. We had a good idea of what we wanted out of "Solid

Ground", and we spent two days making it happen. I think that Love the Hate gets along so well because

we treat each other as equals. Every decision is put to a vote, and everyone's opinion is considered

before decisions are made.

Marshall: One of the great things about the guys in this band, is that everyone brings 

something to the table when it comes to writing. Although we all have our strong 

points, we try to make that part of the process. Riffs are constantly bouncing off 

the walls when we rehearse and then at some point, we decide to make a song out 

of it. Then we work on how it should be structured and eventually we make a 

demo out of the song in hopes to record it professionally.

Leon: The recording process was really smooth and always has been with us Solid Ground only took a

couple days. Love The Hate gels together really well we all have our strengths and roles to fill, and we

treat each other equally no one person is put on a pedestal we are all a collective entity.

Troy: Love the Hates formula to gel so well together, is how well rounded we are as a group.  We

respect, and value each other's opinion on every single thing we do. The talent level in this band is just

on another level, but at the same time we don’t have ego’s to go with it.  We are all humble individuals,

and respect the craft(music).

Frank: No not really any conflicts I did originally have a guitar solo in this track but for what the song

really needed we changed it to something else.

Is there a particular part you enjoy more than another in the process of a project?

Doc: I really enjoy being in the studio. The whole process of putting all the parts together and hearing

what was in your head become a completed song is a feeling that you just can't get anywhere else.

Marshall: Enjoying the final product.

Leon: I just love the creation process from writing to recording it's an amazing feeling finding that new

riff everyone likes and creating a song out of thin air it's a rush when that happens.

Troy:  I enjoy pretty much all parts equally in the process of a project honestly.  I love music all around,

so just getting to do it period makes it all the processes equal to me.

Frank: I love the recording process that is when thoughts get turned into sound waves, and its amazing.

How do you know when a song is done and ready to be taken to the recording studio and produced?

Doc: For me it's not really about when the song is ready. The song may change once we get in the

studio. The producer may hear something that we don't. We may have some spontaneous ideas or new

inspiration and make changes on the spot. So it's really more about when WE are ready.

Marshall: A song is never really done. Most of the time we have to stop ourselves from 

making any more adjustments. It’s a pitfall for sure though and some songs just 

never make it out alive before being cannibalized by another song.

Leon: I think if we are tight and comfortable enough with it to play it live in front of an audience that's

the time, but I guess that's more of when WE are ready then the song itself, the song could very well

change in the studio with new ideas.

Troy:  I know when a song is ready, when I get this certain feeling when playing it…. kinda hard to

explain, but I just know.

Frank: A song is never finished it just gets to the point when it is acceptable for people to finally hear.

Then the magic happens when the tracks are laid down.

Looking towards the short and long term of where you might be currently- where do you see yourself

(yourselves) as an artist/band in 2021 and beyond?

Doc: I really am looking forward to touring after we release the single. With Covid restrictions being

lifted, I know everyone is ready for live music again.

Marshall: We see ourselves on alot of big stages soon!

Leon: Well with covid restrictions being lifted it's nice to see live music coming back and we are

definitely going to be a part of that, and then touring is something we really missed in 2020 so 2021 and

beyond we are gonna be on the road alot.

Troy: As an artist and band in 2021, and beyond… I see us really having a very successful breakout, which

I feel is long overdue for sure.  I see us getting onto a lot of tours, and festivals. But I also see myself as

an individual doing drum clinics, among other things to try and involve our current generation of youth,

and beyond to get involved in music.  I just want to give back however I can, and share my love and

passion for music!

Frank: We are wanting to become a band that has earned its place on the national rock scene. That

takes a bunch of baby steps and trusting the product and process.